101+ High PR Top Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO 2024

What are Social Bookmarking Sites?

What next after doing on-site SEO strategies? Well, it’s not enough to do the on-site SEO strategies and expect high page ranking and traffic. There are other techniques to consider, one that is very effective is social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is one of the best off-page SEO techniques. It is an easy and free way to boost traffic to your website and blog posts. Social bookmarking is a technique in which you share your content in the form of articles, audio, video, and link, to social networking sites, blogs, microblogging sites, and forums.

When you share your content on Social bookmarking sites, the audience to these sites increases traffic to your site. The positive feedback happens when they comment, like, or share your content. In return, search engines translate the reaction of the audience as increased traffic; hence, Google ranks your site higher in SERPs.

List of High Traffic Social Bookmarking Sites 2024

How to Submit Your Content on Social Bookmark Sites?

Social bookmarking submission sites are free, but there is an option for paid service to some of them. To submit your content for free, follow these steps:

  • List and select high DA social bookmarking websites
  • Sign up using your email address, Facebook or Twitter account
  • Proceed to open an account. Don’t open multiple accounts on the same site. Moderators of these sites may interpret this as spam, and you will be blocked or penalized.
  • Create an attractive profile with your image, blog address, and a brief description of your blog. Remember to include relevant keywords in the description.
  • Create a bookmark: You can then submit your content and a link to your website.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

If you think of SEO, then social bookmarking should come to mind. It is useful and cost-friendly. There are lots of benefits to social bookmarking…

Increase in Website Traffic

High PR social bookmarking sites drive traffic to your site. Your fellow members get to click, like, comment, and share your quality content. This engagement will increase the website’s traffic in return. High traffic leads to more leads.

Improved Domain Authority

No doubt, social bookmarking in high da dofollow social bookmarking sites will improve your domain’s authority as well. And to think it’s free makes social bookmarking one of the best techniques to improve your domain’s authority.

Brand Promotions

Free social bookmarking sites help you to promote your brand at no cost. The increased traffic and an improved DA will give you credible leads that will convert.

High votes will increase your email subscriptions since your new audience will want to be updated whenever there is new content.

Fast Indexing

When you publish and submit the link to these high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites, you will get likes, comments, and members will share on these and other platforms too. This activity will fast index your blog posts. Google and other search engines will read these signals, and your blog will rank high.

Quality backlinks

Instant approval dofollow social bookmarking sites will help to create backlinks to your blog. By submitting posts to these social bookmarking sites, you will get the relevant backlinks back to your post.

Effective SEO Technique

Every blogger knows that the only way to rank high on SERPs is by implementing the right SEO strategies. Social bookmark has proven to be an effective off-page SEO technique, so long as you post high-quality content on the high PR social bookmarking sites.

Choose Right High DA Social Bookmarking Sites

As you have seen so far, social bookmarking is a technique you can’t afford to ignore. It is an important SEO strategy, but you have to get the top social bookmarking sites.

To a newbie, it may be tricky to know the right sites and the right way of doing it. But don’t worry, mentioned here are ways you can use to find the top social bookmarking sites for SEO.


SEO Forums are an information center for not only SEO experts but for bloggers too. In these forum sites, you can get expert advice from the experts. Enter your query into the thread, similar to a search icon on most pages.

Post your question, and you will get answers from several experts. These SEO forums will be an essential place to start your search.

Blogging Sites

Numerous blogs keep on updating the new social bookmarking sites yearly or when the need arises. It’s easy to find these SEO blogs.

Search for top, and latest social bookmarking sites on Google and the SERPs will display the top bloggers’ sites with this information. You can even subscribe to the blogs, and you will be able to get updates to your email whenever they update.

SEO Groups on Different Social Media Platforms

Social media is undoubtedly one of the best information centers. By joining the best SEO groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, you will get the latest and trending SEO news, including the top social bookmarking sites.

Tips on How to Do Effective Social Bookmarking

It is not enough to post quality content on these high DA social bookmarking sites and expect your website to rank high on SERPs. These sites have their own business to run. You have to be active and follow these tips…

  • Have different descriptions with rich keywords for each social bookmarking site. Do not do a copy and paste template for all sites.
  • As much as you want positive response for your posts, do not vigorously promote your content to avoid spamming, which may lead to being penalized. You can stay active by promoting other people’s brands/posts. In return, they do the same for your posts, and you gain credibility.
  • Remember that social bookmarking is time-consuming. Therefore it’s relevant to focus your attention on the best top sites.
  • Although everyone wants quality backlinks, don’t overuse auto tools. These tools are useful, but if not used correctly may get your efforts to spam.
  • Check the spam score of any social bookmarking site. A site with a high spam score can harm your website’s ranking.



There is no doubt that high DA do follow social bookmarking sites will help your site with increased traffic and top ranking. You have to allocate enough time as it is time-consuming. Choose the best social bookmarking sites and follow the above tips, and you will surely nail it.

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