71+ High PR Web 2.0 Sites List for SEO 2024

Web 2.0 Sites

The term web 2.0 was first used by Tim O’Reilly in 2005. It was used to explain how the evolution of the internet and technology has facilitated industrial development through dynamic information creation and sharing. The Internet is a primary key to the success of businesses. And as the internet evolves, so does industries.

Bloggers use web 2.0 sites to get new ideas and skills, and interact socially with other users and boost their visibility on the internet. Business people also use these sites to promote their reach to new and current customers. Therefore, web 2.0 sites are essential tools for Search Engine  Optimization (SEO). In this article, we are going to discuss top web2.0 sites for your SEO, that is, web 2.0 submission sites list that can help you boost your web site ranking on search engines.

High-Quality Web 2.0 Sites

What is Web 2.0 Sites?

Web 2.0 site refers to the second generation of the World Wide Web (www). It is the recent advanced internet that allows collaboration, conversion, and interaction between internet users. Unlike the earlier web 1.0, which was static, the new generation of the internet is dynamic in that web 2.0 sites allow users to engage with other users through file submissions, content creation and editing, comments, shares, likes, reviews among others. Web 2.0 web sites include;

Social Networking Sites

They refer to interaction sites. Social networks are the most used web 2.0 platforms. They include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, among others.

Video, Image, and Audio Sharing Sites

They are visual-content sharing sites. The sites are close to social networking sites in their functionality. However, these sites are mostly used for entertainment. They include YouTube, Netflix, audacity, TED, among others.

Blog Submission Sites

Blogs are personal diaries with content organized in reverse chronological order. Blog submission sites are commonly for business use. They are the best web 2.0 creation sites that are widely used to deliver promotional, news, and educational information. Business-persons and marketers use web 2.0 blog sites in boosting their business web sites’ ranking.

Web Apps

These are platforms such as wikis that are commonly used for education purposes. They are renowned for their collaborative features as they allow users to add or edit content collaboratively.

We can also define web 2.0 sites like websites with high domain authority which can be used in support of the other web sites and web blogs to boost their ranking on the search engines through backlink building. When we talk about the high DA web 2.0 submission sites list, we mean that tons of users visit these web sites regularly. Therefore, when you post content, with links to your main website, on any web 2.0 sites, you will have better chances to generate more traffic for your web page. Note that for you to generate organic traffic, you have to post engaging content to both your web site and web 2.0 submission sites list.

Features of Web 2.0 Web sites

Web 2.0 sites are categorized according to their performance. For example, web 2.0 blog sites operate differently from web 2.0 platforms and web 2.0 creation sites. However, their features are all the same.

User Experience

If you are a blogger, researcher, or regular internet user, you know that the internet contains an abundance of information that is difficult to sift through to get the information you need, especially if you are using static sites (web 1.0 sites) to navigate the web. Web 2.0 has a standardized system, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), which helps manage information and reduce overload. Therefore, users can navigate a variety of pages at ease.

In addition to that, web 2.0 sites use Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that enables users to navigate the web using online apps. Users do not have to download and install different apps on their devices. Instead, they only need to have a browser and install plugins such as adobe flash, java-fx, among others. The sites allow users to surf the web smoothly regardless of the type of their devices.

User Contributions

Web 2.0 has tools such as wikis that are collaborative web sites that are editable by anyone who has their access. In web 1.0, only the site owners can create or edit the content uploaded on the web sites. In contrast, web2.0 sites allow users, both the owners and readers, to add or edit the existing content. Therefore, the information contained on some of the web 2.0 sites is out-sourced in different ways.

Users Participation

Web 2.0 allows users to express their emotions, give feedback, and share content unlike in web 1.0 where users were allowed to read-only. In web 1.0 sites, owners of the web site create an adds content which users can only read, they can not participate in any way. In web 2.0, users collaborate in various ways. For example, on social web 2.0 platforms, when a web site owner creates content, other users are allowed to comment, review, or even share that content with other users. Also, in wikis, web 2.0 platforms, users can add or edit the original post from the app owners.

Information Dispersion

Unlike web 1.0 sites, which were static, web 2.0 sites use multiple channels to deliver information. Web 2.0 submission site enables users to create permalinks to distribute information. The links direct users from one web site to the other in an attempt to deliver information. When a user creates content on any high DA DoFollow web 2.0 sites, he can build backlinks which are essential in information dispersion.


Almost all web sites in the web 2.0 sites list are featured to help users leverage the internet to the maximum. Whether you are a blogger or a web designer, web 2.0 sites will help you build a high ranking web site or a blog. All you need to do is to choose the best web 2.0 sites for SEO that will suit your needs. Note that, while trying to boost your business, it is advisable to use high domain authority web 2.0 sites.

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