High PR Ping Submission Sites List

Whereas visibility of a website on the search engine results page largely depends on its backlinks indexing, it is a fact that search engines index only 20% of such links. However, you can increase the chances of having your backlinks indexed using a list of ping submission sites.

You can get search engines to index your website and backlinks within a day if you ping your blog. This article will give you all the information you need to know about ping submission.

Best Ping Submission Sites List

What is Ping Submission in SEO?

Pinging a process by which bloggers notify search engines of the existence of new articles and backlinks on their sites for indexing. Blog pinging sites enable bloggers to post their sites and backlinks to search engines by submitting their blog URLs and keywords. Once you ping your blog, ping-sharing sites will send a notice to major search engines to alert them about fresh backlinks and articles on your blog. Search engines then use these backlinks and keywords in the articles to index your website. In simple terms, URL ping sites help you to index your blog within a very short time.

Advantages of free Ping Submission Sites

  1. Quick Indexing

I can create a new blog and apply all the possible SEO techniques such as blog posting, pdf submission, video submission, search engine submission, review submission, etc. With all these, the chances of getting it indexed are still no more than 20%. You can also try it doing with bulk ping submission sites.

However, if I ping my site, I could get search engines to index it in no more than 24 hours. Free ping submission is one of the cheapest and immediate strategies used to make search engines crawl and index websites.

  1. Search Engine Submission

With the best free ping tool, you can easily submit your backlinks and website to many search engines. There are bulk ping sites that help you ping your site on several website ping sites without a lot of effort.

  1. Ping Backlinks

The best ping sites will help you to generate ping backlinks. Quality backlinks will, in turn, improve your ranking in SERPs. You will also recall that ping search engines help you to get quick indexing of your site’s inbound backlinks. Backlink indexing contributes to improving page rank in SERPs.

  1. Online Visibility

As your page ranking in SERPs improves, your site is exposed to a more online audience, increasing your blog’s visibility. This comes with more traffic and if yours is a business website, more sales.

  1. Convenience

Pinging is a simple process compared to many other SEO techniques. It offers you convenience in terms of skill requirements, cost, and time. No website on a free ping submission sites list requires you to pay a penny for pinging your blog.

How to Ping a Site?

Ping submission is one of the easiest techniques for search engine optimization. Just get a blog pinging sites list and follow the following steps to ping your blog’s backlinks.

  • Pick a link from your high PR ping submission site list. Open the link in your browser. I would prefer you to use the best ping tool on your list. The best ping sites would be those with high domain authority (DA)
  • On the ping website online page, you should see a box where you can input your site’s link. Post your page URL in this box.
  • Look for a button labeled ‘Submit’ or ‘Ping’ on the ping website. Click on it. That should submit your site link.
  • Wait for confirmation. Upon successful submission, you will get a message to confirm that your site pinging is completed.
  • Repeat this procedure on the websites of the remaining links in your ping sites list.

Pinging a new blog

The steps I have outlined above will successfully ping your website if it is an existing blog. Older blogs already have some backlinks for indexing. Pinging may not be helpful for a new blog until you first generate some backlinks. If you have a new blog, please follow the steps below to ping it.

  1. Using Google plugin, create a Google sitemap.
  2. Do search engine submission for your new blog’s URL. You have so many search engine submission sites options for this. Do not submit only in one search engine. Try all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and Yandex.
  3. Popularize your new site on social media. Share a link on Tweeter, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. Ask your friends to check it out and possibly leave some comments.
  4. Bookmark your website on social media. You can use bookmarking websites like Mix and Tumblr.
  5. Write a few articles, publish them on your site and submit them on blog submission sites. They should be engaging, niche-related, and rich-keywords articles. Submitting on free article directories will greatly increase your traffic and SERPs ranking.
  6. Record some video clips related to your blog content and post them on video submission sites such as YouTube.
  7. Browse for some niche-relevant commenting sites. Submit your comments on these sites too. Always be careful to avoid spamming.

Note that all the above steps will help you to get some backlinks and juice links for your new block. You will need to submit these backlinks to your top pinging sites list to help with indexing. If you have done these, you can go ahead and ping your site. Follow the pinging procedure for older blogs above.


A ping website list is an essential tool as far as SEO is concerned. Considering that search engines do not index most of the backlinks generated online, pinging is a very important technique.

Pinging sites inform search engines of new backlinks and websites. Search engine crawlers scan the web for these new sites and backlinks. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and other search engines use crawled backlinks to index your website.

With the free ping submission sites list, you get a free platform to get your site indexed almost immediately. Indexing helps to put your website among the first pages in the search engine results pages.

Without ping sites, it would take quite a long time to index. Consequently, it might take months before your site features among the top on SERPs.

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