35+ Best Ebook Sites List for Promotion

Ebook sites list for submission

An ebook is the short form of the word electronic book. This book is digitally formatted to be readable on a computer, an ebook reader, or a mobile phone device. When marketing, ebooks are usually used since one can download PDF docs files, which is incorporated into existing webpages or blog posts. The user can then click on the provided link to download the ebook. You can send your ebook using email.

Using an Ebook submission site is one of the best ways to assist authors in acquiring ways in which they can spread their work to his or her potential reader’s audience. As an author, you should have a free ebook to give out to gain reviews and promote your name and work—this information is on the free ebook submission sites list.

We can agree that selling your ebook on Amazon is one of the best ways of promoting your ebook. Sharing your page link to more than one free or discount promotion site gives an interest to many. Publishing your ebook by posting on the best free ebook sites is one of the techniques.

Top ebook Submission Sites List

How sharing on ebook sites work?

If you are wondering about how to submit your first ebook, the most important thing is making sure that you can select the best ebook promotion sites. These will help you in spreading your work targeting many potential readers in little time. You should do thorough research, though, if you are an author to get the best ebook submission sites to list updated up to this year. Also, this comes in handy when you are doing free kindle promotion on your ebook.

In this article, one of the things that we are going to talk about is how ebook sharing sites work and the benefits that come with using ebook publishing sites. These top free ebook sites are sites with high online ratings since they have many followers meaning many readers and popularity. These best ebook listing websites play an essential role in promoting your ebook at no cost.

When you submit your ebook to the best ebook publishing sites, it ensures that your ebook gets across your potential readers or audience. The readers can go online and download your content easily; thus, you get more reviews if your ebook is captivating or exciting to the readers.

Many of these free ebook submission sites are associated with amazon, so when you an author publish your ebook on the websites, you earn a profit when your ebook gets a download. So these free ebook submission sites are useful in advertising your ebooks and help in improving your sales since the more reviews you get on your book, the more downloads and the popularity that comes with it.

Benefits of using ebook publishing sites

These listings come with benefits that the author will enjoy from these best websites for free ebook sites.

High visibility

When you share your ebook on the ebook sharing websites, you get more online visibility since some of these sites are highly rated and are famous. Thus the flow of readers to the sites is high.

No Cost of publishing

These are beneficial in that most of the free ebook publishing sites promote and give out free ebook publishing services, so the author has full control over the price of his or her ebook.

Easy Sales

Some of the most popular free ebook sharing sites allow you to manage your own and sell your orders freely to your readers.

Free Editing and Proofreading

Most of these free ebook sites can help you in editing your ebook and proofreading it. These services are free. You can also use Grammarly for proofreading the content.

Ebook promotion along with Publishing Deal

Some of these top-rated free ebook submission sites not only promote your work but will also see it that you get to publish your ebook. These happen because the sites are willing to provide their readers with the best ebooks. They should be able to check your performance and rank your writing according to your return. If you are capable of engaging your readers with your ebook, it helps you gain more visibility, and you get more downloads and reviews.

Other than that, you can share your ebook using these two methods described below, and that is email marketing and influence marketing.

Email marketing

If you happen to have an email list already, you can email your ebooks to your readers, depending on their interests. These will give your audience to ask questions to you, the author, and for more information.

Check the best email marketing apps here.

Influencer Marketing

Doing online research on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook on influencers in your niche who are interested in your ebook is advisable. If they happen to like it, they can share it with their followers. Besides, these will help you get more downloads on your ebook, thus more sales.

If you are asking yourself how to find free ebook sharing sites, you are in luck. You should do your research on how to find one. Here are some of the steps on how to register on an ebook sharing site.

How to Register on Ebook sharing sites?

You should be able to know that most of these sites are free, and what you have to do is only create a free account. Do not forget to give relevant information about yourself and your ebook. When you make restrictions on your ebook website list, be sure to get good results. You can then upload your ebook cover to the site, and don’t forget to add a description of your ebook to the download link page.

Once you have done that, you will start earning clicks and downloads on your ebook. You can then repeat this process for the rest of the sites on your free ebook listing sites.


We can wrap it up by saying that you should do thorough research on the top ten free ebook sites to make your submission. When you get more clicks and downloads, your ebook gets more popularity and visibility. It is essential to ensure that you have met all the requirements to get fast approval.

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