High PR Top Article Submission Sites List for SEO 2022

Before we start with the article submission sites, you must know that a strong SEO campaign is not a cheap task, as some people presume. This is a rigorous task. It requires a lot of input and thoughtful attention. Many online bloggers do not have the patience to create exceptional content.

The content, however, stands in the doorway to an effective SEO campaign. Information is power, so they say. I think with sufficient knowledge, any blogger can successfully start a campaign for search engine optimization. Today, I will introduce you to one of the most powerful tools for this, articles submission sites.

List of Top Article Submission Sites

What is Article Submission?

Article submission in SEO is an off-page SEO strategy that includes writing and publishing articles on various article submission websites. If you intend to write an essay for submission on top DA article submission sites, it should be high quality and relevant article. Article posting sites, like all other blog posting sites, permit content writers to publish articles pertinent to their online business.

Speaking of talk of do-follow article submission sites for seo, we need to ask this fundamental question: What are the list of article submission sites? I have stated earlier in this article that article directories are online article submission directories that allow online article submission. Most of these are free article submission sites. A few of these sites are paid article submission sites.

Does article submission work?

You can trust me on this. Online article submission can significantly contribute to search engine optimization. If you are a novice blogger, you can try it by submitting at least three articles on some of the sites on the top article submission sites. The improvement in search engine results of your new blog will shock you.

The good thing about most article publishing sites in the top article submission sites list is that they allow free article submission. Today, several websites run on the web 2.0 model of user experience and functionality. Web 2.0 article submission has consequently become an inescapable part of the SEO framework. All authoritative search engines like Google search give a massive premium to best article submission sites due to their high domain ranking. Posting your articles on High PR article-posting sites, therefore, has good returns.

Advantages of Free Submission Article Sites

Top free article submission sites are comparatively more popular than their commercial alternatives. Posting on high pr article submission sites with instant approval from your free high PR article submission list gets you desired results at no cost. What are these desired results that drive bloggers and online content writers into article directory submission?

Free article submission sites offer countless benefits to their users. Some of these include:

  1. Instant Indexing

High DA article submission site list is a favorite target for search engine blots. Search engines regularly go through instant approval article submission sites list to index posts. You want your posts to be among them if you care about your page authority.

  1. Drive Traffic

Most do-follow article submission websites allow you to put links in your text. Those links you add inside your article content and author mailbox can enormously increase traffic to your website. Links with high-quality article posting sites will help you get many backlinks and juice links to your site. The links help you promote your site on the internet hence increase traffic.

You should, therefore, make it a habit to submit your quality articles on these free article sites on a regular basis. You should also understand that traffic results from quality articles. Later, I will highlight a few things that make a good quality article.

  1. Search Engine Ranking

Quality links, with the top 10 article submission sites, are likely to attract more online audience through the do-follow backlinks. The net result of this is enhanced domain authority. Nonetheless, of what advantage is high domain authority? DA will improve your search engine ranking. It means your page ranks high in search engine results. It sounds a good deal, doesn’t it?

  1. Promotes your Brand

Article submission marketing is a popular business strategy for a good majority of entrepreneurs. USA article submission sites, for example, attract millions of online marketers who take advantage of their list of free article submission. They use these sites to draw quality traffic to their websites.

Article submission is an essential strategy for creating business brand names at absolutely no cost. The free submission article site can serve as a valuable advertisement platform. Alongside attracting traffic, it aids you to brand your business.

What makes a Quality Article?

The following are some of the features I think will make your article notable.

  • Search engines like Google search and Yahoo search will easily index an article rich in keywords. Indexing improves your ranking in search engine results. Rich-keyword articles also attract online readers more than articles that have a deficiency of keywords. Proper and trendy keywords enhance your site’s online visibility. When writing a submission article, make sure it has sufficient buzzing keywords.
  • An outstanding article is one that has sufficiently engaging, innovative, and easy to understand the content.
  • Article submission site. The quality ranking of your article submission website counts a lot. A high PR free submission article site will provide the necessary audience for your site. It, therefore, increases the popularity of your blog posts.

Article Submission Guidelines

The last thing I wish to discuss in this article is the guidelines for submitting an article. Whereas some sites offer free article submission without registration, many websites in your list of top 50 article submission sites will require some form of registration or signing up. Here are the steps for sites that require registration:

  • Step 1: From your list of article directory sites, select a preferred article submission site.
  • Step 2: Use your email to register on the chosen site.
  • Step 3: Select the relevant category under which you want to submit your article.
  • Step 4: Create a profile. Do not forget to put a link to your blog and keywords in the author resource box.
  • Step 5: Click the submit button to submit your article. Wait for the moderator to approve your article before posting another.
  • Step 6: On approval, the moderator will publish your article on the site. You will receive a notification through your email to let you know of its publication.
  • Step 7: Ping the live URL of the published article to different ping submission sites for faster indexing.

Benefits of Article Submission Sites (Infographic)

benefits of high pr top article submission sites

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