16+ Top High PR Blog Submission Sites List 2024 (Updated)

The goal of every business venture is to create a brand and attract as much traffic as possible. Blogging is not an exception. Bloggers have diverse options for building their brands. These may include profile creating sites, best guest posting sites, ping submission sites, and blog submission sites.

Over the last several years, many bloggers have broken even by submitting blogs on directory websites. You can significantly increase the number of backlinks and traffic to your blog posts by blog submission.

I do not see why you should not do what veteran bloggers have tried and found resourceful for a novice or amateur blogger. I will, therefore, provide here some insights into blog submission sites.

I hope this will help put your site on the best blog websites list.

List of Free Blog Submission Sites List for SEO

What is a Blog Submission Site?

Blog submission sites are also called blog directories. These are websites that permit bloggers to post their blogs to gain backlinks in return. It also helps to raise the blog’s online visibility. You could probably be asking, what is blog submission?

Assume you have developed a new blog. You want to boost the visibility of this blog to internet users. One of the things you can do is identify and sign up on a blog submission site with high PR. You then add the URL to your blog into the directory. This is simply what blog submission involves.

Blog posting sites store data about thousands of best articles. Here, you are like to find some of the best blogs to read. The content is usually organized into categories based on their niche. Common categories include health, technology, blogging, SEO, marketing, etc. Top free blog submission websites rely on advertisements for revenue. Besides selling adverts, most high DA top blog submission sites charge a fee for blog submission services.

You’ll need to keep in mind that even the best-designed blogs only command online authority and a good rating on Google if they get more links from other sites. Blog directories help you achieve high domain authority and Google search rank. These sites provide a free blog platform through which you can build high-quality links.

Other than listing your posts’ URL, some of these websites have an RSS option. This automatically avails any new publication on your blog in the directory.

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What are the Benefits of Blog Submission?

1. Increase your Blog Traffic

Publishing content on your website does not earn you enough audience, if any, at all. Blog submission in SEO ranks among the best strategies for reaching an online audience. When you list your website in a web directory, you get a backlink in return. Also, you can get good exposure to your blog.

If a user types a keyword found in your blog post in a search engine, the user will be directed to your page because the keyword appears in the directory. By increasing the chances of appearing in the directory search results, you increase your blog’s traffic. You should, therefore, ensure you provide relevant keywords in your blog post when submitting a blog. Payable directories help you index backlinks faster than free blog platforms.

2. Increase in Online Sales

blog submission increase sale

If you have a marketing blog, you will possibly attract more buyers by listing on a top blog submission site. With increased online visibility, you expose your products to a broader audience. The ripple effect of this is an increase in your online sales. To benefit more from this, you need to sign up for blog directory submission websites that are active and have good domain authority.

You should never forget that millions of online visitors visit blog directories every month. As a marketer, these visitors are your target consumers. Your level of exposure to this audience will significantly depend on your online content’s quality, attractiveness, and relevance.

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3. Increase in Website Authority

For your site to appear among the top Google search results, you need a higher DA than your peers in the same niche. However, you cannot have a high domain authority without links to other sites with high ranking.

When you submit blog posts and get backlinks from blog directory submission sites with a top-ranking, your domain authority also increases. You also get juice links by submission to high authority blog sites. Some of the best blogs on the internet have thousands of links with other websites.

4. Fast Indexing

Blog directories may also assist in increasing your blog indexing. This determines your appearance on the search engine results page.

Problems with Blog Directories

I have so far discussed several advantages of high pr article submission sites list. I believe you appreciate the need to learn how to make blog submission in SEO. You should be thinking of finding a blog post submission sites list to submit your content and get some backlinks. Blog submission has some challenges as well.

Here are some setbacks or challenges you may have to navigate about:

  1. Most of the directories with high page and domain authority might ask you to pay them to index your backlinks. If you don’t pay, they either take a very long time to index or do not index you at all.
  2. Free high PR blog listing sites will, on the other hand, not ask for payment but take a long time to index.
  3. Google might penalize you if you have backlinks with low-quality websites. You need to compile a high PR blog submission site list from which you can pick sites to submit your blog. Do not just submit on any directory.
  4. Some blog directories demand reciprocal link in exchange for their backlinks. If you consent to these, you might end up with numerous unwanted links to your blog.
  5. After submitting an article, you may need to wait for approval before submitting another blog post on the same website. If you do not do so, there is a likelihood that Google will list you as spam. This will downgrade your ranking. Google might also remove your page entirely from search results.
  6. There is also a risk of having so many backlinks from high-quality websites. Google might also associate this with spamming. Most SEO experts advise against anything more than 20% backlinks from such sites.

Hope you enjoyed the list of sites. If you come across a good site that is not mentioned in the list, say it out in the comments; we’d be happy to review it.

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