Best Microblogging Sites List

In this article, I will introduce to you an SEO technique called microblogging. Before I explain the microblogging sites, I will start by first explaining what microblogging is.

Top Microblogging Sites List

What is microblogging?

Have you ever had good news that no one else had heard? You will always feel the urge to tell someone about it. It is human to share knowledge. After all, we are social beings. Sharing knowledge is within us.

People share information for varied reasons. You probably want to promote your product or service. Another person may be interested in attracting traffic to his site. For some, it might be about bringing about social change.

For a regular blogger, your no.1 purpose for creating content is to promote your blog. The most popular sites where we share information are social media sites. These sites allow people to post content in the form of short messages called micro-posts.

Microblogging is the act of sharing short messages or micro posts with your online audience via microblogging sites.

What are microblogging sites?

I hope you now understand what microblogging means. That leads me to the second question, what are microblogging sites?

Common examples of microblogging sites include Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Microblogging platforms are online sites via which people exchange short messages with their audience. The format of these messages varies from plain text to short video clips.

The average length of a micro-post is traditionally 140 characters. Today, this is no longer the rule of thumb. For example, Twitter recently increased its text length to 280 characters.

In my opinion, if you have an urgent message to share or product to sell, microblogging gives you an excellent opportunity. You can effectively reach out to a broad audience and get instant feedback within no time.

As a blogger or web developer, do you gain anything from popular microblogging sites? Here are some benefits of microblog submission sites.

Benefits of microblogging

  1. Saves you valuable time

Posting a microblog is as easy as sending a short text message (SMS) on your android cellphone. The messages shared on microblogging websites are usually brief, taking only a couple of minutes or seconds to compose.

Similarly, you often access the best microblogging sites via mobile-based apps. It takes you a single tap on your screen, and you are set to start a conversation.

Another way in which microblogs save your time is that they require no research. You simply post what you know. With time, your audience adds more content as they engage with it. Additionally, you can always update your information as you get more content.

Microblogging allows you to generate a lot of content in very little time. This content, in turn, helps you get backlinks and traffic to your site.

  1. Quality backlinks

You cannot compare the quality of links you generate form high DA microblogging sites to links from personal blogs. Generally, microblogging websites have high domain authority and page ranks.

As a blogger, you always look forward to drawing as many good quality do-follow backlinks as possible. High PR sites provide you an opportunity to do so.

  1. Increased traffic

Microblogging sites have a massive number of monthly active users. For example, Twitter has about 2 billion monthly active users. This is a lucrative audience. Every blogger wants to get a share of this vast online audience.

Have you ever imagined what will happen, if you directed only 1% of Twitter subscribers to your blog? Well, you will suddenly be trending online.

  1. More online presence

If you want to maintain a steady online activity, you need to pull out that list of microblogging sites and start texting. You do not need to blog only for social connections; you have immense opportunities in microblogging for business.

Your persistent online presence and activity are the push your business needs to attract customers. All you need is to keep posting and responding to your audience.

With time, you will have most of the people you interact with visiting your site for more content. Additionally, interactions on a microblogging platform give you more ideas for your next blog article. It helps enrich the content of your website.

  1. More connections

If you subscribe to the best microblogging platform, you will meet individuals from different clusters. Here, you will interact with the best CEOs, top celebrities, influential political figures, entrepreneurs, etc.

On these platforms, you will get a rare chance to display your opinions, interests, ideas, and products to a high caliber of audience.

Demerits of microblogging websites

A few issues might make people shun away from regularly submitting content on popular microblogging sites. Here are a few of these concerns.

  1. Character limitation

The majority of microblogging sites only allow posting content that does not exceed 140 characters. This might be too little to give a detailed description of your product. For this reason, regular blogs remain a preferred alternative for detailed product descriptions.

  1. Limited creativity

If you enjoy creating images and attractive themes, you will likely find microblogging platforms to be boring. Regular blogging websites like WordPress give you a variety of themes and templates. You can even customize them to impress your audience.

  1. Limited keywords

The quantity of keywords partly determines the quality of online content. Search engine crawlers use keywords to index your content. Microblog sites have a character limit. Owing to this, you do not have the pleasure of enriching your microblog with keywords.

Without adequate keywords, search engines may, after all, never index your micro post content.



Microblogs might have some disadvantages. However, these do not outweigh the benefits of posting your content on the best microblogging sites. As you diversify your SEO campaign, consider microblogging sites list as one of the essential techniques.

To optimize the benefits of these sites, use popular micro-blog submission sites with high domain authority and page ranking. Additionally, only chose those sites whose niche is relevant to your blog content.

Lastly, do not forget to give a link to your website with every micro post. This is the surest way to attract traffic.

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