RSS Feed Submission Sites List 2024

The foundational concepts of doing business and learning have changed a lot, thanks to the internet. Although business practices are quite different in different countries, most business practices today have shifted to a global perspective. One of the ways through which the internet has affected the way we do business marketing is RSS feed submission.

Top RSS Feed Submission Sites List 2024(Updated)

What is RSS Feed?

Before I revisit the topic on RSS submission sites, let me first defining RSS feed. RSS is an initial for Rich Site Summary or Really-Simple Syndication. RSS feed is a resource that provides online users access to the most updated data on various online sites. Updating of the web content is automated.

RSS feed is presented as one online XML file. Some of this information will include headlines, most talked about issues, and the experiences shared by users from different blogs. Bloggers use RSS feeds as a tool for search engine optimization. The bloggers do this by submitting their RSS feeds to the best RSS feed sites.

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of RSS feeds submission in making your target audience have access to your site content. There can be no better way of promoting your online content to your customers.

RSS Feed Submission Websites

RSS feed sharing sites are online websites that allow content developers to share their publications with them via RSS feeds.

All RSS sites have RSS tools. These sites might have different types of RSS feeds. At the end of the day, you achieve the same objective despite the site you are using.

Today, business competition is at its best. RSS feed directories could be the remedy you need for your survival. The good idea about the RSS submission site list is that most of the sites are free RSS feed submission sites.

I will share the benefits of the RSS feeds directories. Let me, however, first give an outline of how to use RSS feeds.

How do I promote my Content with RSS Feeds?

There are many choices for posting feeds on RSS submission sites. However, it does not matter which approach you adopt. You still have a guarantee of ripping the best from your free RSS feed submission sites list. Here are some of the RSS feed benefits of submitting your feed to RSS submission sites.

1. Advertising on Best RSS Feed Sites

All free RSS feed sharing sites give you the option of posting your feeds to their websites. You can use this chance to market your content and improve its visibility to the online audience. One of the things you must do is to ensure your content and the RSS feed site match.

To get the best results, only submit your RSS feed to high domain authority websites. Quality sites will expose your web to a larger audience and amplify it. It is important to thoughtfully read and adhere to the site’s submission guidelines. This ensures your posting is successful. The moderator might not publish your RSS feed if it’s content is not shared. I, therefore, must remind your RSS feed is set to share all content.

2. Share new posts via E-mail

Your mailing list is an essential resource. One of the features you will find on your e-mail page is an RSS-to-email option. To use your email to make free RSS feed submission, set it to automatically send mail to the contacts whenever a fresh post pops up in your RSS feed. With this provision, you can get your contacts instantly updated about your online content.

3. Adding URL to Blog Forums

Although not common to all blog commenting sites and forums, some enable you to add URL of your RSS feeds to your profile. Doing this automatically links articles on your website with these forums. The targeted online audience can get to know about your RSS feed from your forum comments and posts.

How do RSS Feeds affect your Content?

Many benefits come with the free RSS submission sites list. The purpose of this article is to challenge you to submit your RSS feed as part of your SEO strategies. It is, therefore, in your best interest that I highlight some ways the top RSS feeds list will benefit your search engine optimization.

1. Effective distribution of Blog Content

If you use your RSS feed submission sites list properly, internet users will be able to subscribe to your blog content. The number of users who subscribe to your site suggests their level of satisfaction. It means the ideas presented on your blog are ideal and appealing to their needs.

It is human nature that if I find a nice product, I will let my friends know about it. Satisfied customers talk to their best friends about your products. This is the most natural way of getting your products widely distributed.

2. High-Quality Backlinks

Every business desires high-quality backlinks. If you are among such business owners, you do not need to look further. You can submit RSS feed to the free RSS feed URL list and generate some quality links to your blog.

Why do you need such backlinks? First, quality backlinks win your business more exposure. Second, you get search engines to index your site much faster. Three, they determine your page rank on SERPs.

3. Gets your new Audience

The lifeline of a blog lies in its ability to attract new visitors. Content syndication helps to keep new users flowing onto your site for fresh content.

  • Links you with the target audience

When you use RSS feed, users who visit your site are most interested in your content. You are certain to get targeted quality visitors when you regularly use your RSS feed website list.

  • Easy content access

Those internet links in your RSS feed submission list make sure that users reach your content easily and smoothly. Users only need to tap the RSS feed button. This gives a complete update of your content or site.



In this article, I talked about RSS feed submission sites. I hope you found the information helpful for your SEO. RSS, as stated above means Rich Site Summary or Really-Simple Syndication. It is a common strategy among bloggers for their SEO campaign.

The most important effect of RSS feeds sites is that they ensure your audience gets updates on your sight instantly. It plays a key role in promoting your content. You cannot ignore the critical role of the RSS feed list if you need an effective SEO tool.

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