51+ Best Press Release Distribution Sites List for News

A Press release site is a platform you can use to promote your products and services or even to pass an important notice to the public. I know you agree with me that what you don’t market, will not sell. This is the truth of any company or business. Marketing is the backbone of every business so make sure to use the best news sites.

High Authority Press Release Submission Sites List

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a great way to reach potential customers. A press release is a document that contains the information or news that you want to communicate. This can be a write-up, a video, or a graphic. A press release should be compelling, clear, and brief. It is vital to target the audience while writing the release. A video-based press release is more effective in that it builds more trust and credibility.

Press release sites are platforms used to disseminate information on current developments of companies or businesses. This may be the latest project, launch of a product or service, an upcoming event, or even something they want to sensitize the public about.

Press release for websites is very instrumental in boosting traffic. With millions of people worldwide who daily searches for insights online, it is a perfect way to reach the targeted audience. Additionally, it is an opportune moment to brand yourself and build trust in your field.

Likewise, for a new website, it is a great way to get people to notice it. This is because, regardless of the great content in it, clients have to know of it first before they can subscribe to your services or buy a product.

Types of Press Release Submission Sites

After writing a quality press release, the next step is to submit it to a release website. You may be asking yourself, how do l get the best press release site for my news?

There are two types of press release sites, namely, paid and free. The choice will depend on your budget and goals. Needless to say, paid websites have more benefits than free sites, but if your budget does not allow them, free submission sites will still serve the purpose.

Some paid sites provide a basic free package with limited features. This can be very helpful if your budget does not allow it.

Advantages of Paid over the Free Press Release Submission Sites

  • Paid sites allow you to submit content with videos, images, or HTML formatted content. Most free sites allow submission of plain content only.
  • Paid sites provide a do-follow backlink. These links help your website to rank better in search engines. They may allow a maximum of eight outbound links. Free sites may permit one only.
  • Paid sites usually provide extra SEO benefits. Examples of these are grammar checking, editing option, tagging, and can also tweet their lists.
  • When using paid sites, there a guarantee of instant approval.
  • Most paid sites offer statistics of people who view your press release. They allow you to track progress.

Factors to consider when choosing a Press Release Site

Your choice of a press release website will depend on your goals and objectives. Here are some of the factors to consider:


Before you submit your press release to a distribution site, it is good to know their daily traffic. Your goal as a business owner is to reach as many people as possible. Mostly this information is found on the service website.

Distribution Channels Available

It is advisable to know the sites and media outlets a website offer for maximal results. The third party reinforces your online visibility.

Search Visibility

SEO-optimized press distribution sites are always the best. They increase chances for you to reach more audience. They give you instant exposure to potential customers.


Costly does always mean best. You should compare the features you want with your budget. Some free or cheap sites have great features.

Ease of Use

I know you agree with me that no one wants a complicated service. If a service is complicated, you may not even exhaust some of its features and functions. A simple and effective service will always win.


A press release site that provides a tracking system is better in that you can evaluate the performance of your brand or service. You will be able to see the number of viewers, online platforms where it appeared, and also people or organizations interested in it.

Features and Add-ons

A site that allows you to share your content on social media, send links, graphics, etc. will help you to reach more audiences.

Best Press Release Distribution Sites

Paid Press Release Submission Sites

These sites allow the submission of content with videos and pictures. They provide a do-follow backlink and have the potential to reach more audiences. Additionally, they offer statistics of the people who view the release. When using Paid press release sites, there is the certainty of a speedy approval.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Paid Press Release Submission Sites:


It is the best and most commonly used. It offers simple press release submission procedures that allow notification of approval within hours. It can incorporate an array of multimedia per release. It provides a customized newsroom and also allows the user to track progress when using it.


It has vast SEO functionality. It has been in the market for over 60 years and therefore passes the test of credibility. PR newswire submission site offers costly services, but the results are undeniably good. It has the most extensive press release circulation on websites, media channels, and social networks. It allows tracking of the report tools.


It provides broad global coverage in many countries. BusinessWire submission site focuses more on large corporates who desire to meet regulatory requirements in their respective countries or regions.


It is a cheap and common release distributor that targets journalists and bloggers.

24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release has been in operation since 2004, offering cheap and affordable services. It disseminates the client’s press release articles to media, bloggers, and online channels and still allows availability on search engines. It specializes mostly in small to medium-sized businesses.


It offers an all-round news dissemination platform for publishers to help them build their brands. The Marketwired website aims at providing cheap and affordable distribution services.


It is an online press release distribution platform that allows companies to publish their information on Google news, new websites, social media, and regional TVs. It is more affordable, as well as SEO optimized. It has been operating since 2009.


E Release Press release submission site is costly but very effective. It offers promotion services to new clients allowing them to get the best value for their money. It allows you to submit a press release of a maximum of 400 words.


Pressat is a press release distribution company based in the UK. It provides a competent and straightforward service for businesses to release their news, which is then channeled to media outlets, social networks, and journalists. Pressat allows clients to send 8 posts in a day.


In addition to press distribution services, it offers writing guidelines and samples of a press release. They have a straightforward submission procedure, which takes a short time to complete. The editors analyze a press release first before submission to ensure it is of good quality.

Best News Websites for Free Press Release Submission

Free press release sites allow submission of plain content and provide a no-follow backlink. They are beneficial in that you don’t have to worry about the publishing costs. Some of the free submission sites have great features that give a great outcome.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Free Press Release Sites:


It is a well-established free press submission site that provides a basic package for free. It allows users to submit news for 90 days on the platform. It offers submission approval within a day. It also offers paid packages with more features.


Like Online PR news, the basic package is free. It allows Press release submissions approval in 2 days. PR.com free package allows minimal to other channels.


PR Free distribution website allows free press release submissions approval immediately. It allows hyperlinks and social media sharing. It helps all enterprises to market their activities online.


PRLog website allows only two press release submissions in a day. However, It allows immediate approval on submission. It helps all business categories to market their products and services online. It is highly rated and distributes information across search engines.


PressReleasePoint majors in press release writing and dissemination. It offers both paid and free services. Online marketers can make the most out of the free press release point by maximizing online presence and distributing information on this platform.

It also allows SEO optimization, which helps businesses to gain credibility online. This results in more traffic on their sites.


This is an entirely free platform. PR Sync permits only 2 press release submissions daily. It allows instant approval on submission. It relies on the viewers to promote the most important news on the homepage.


It is a free press release site with great features. Web news wire allows instant approvals upon submission. It contains news across numerous sectors.


It publishes press release submissions of a high standard and allows visibility on news sites and major search engines. It allows 8 submissions in a week. It has been in operation since 2015.


It is free and publishes press releases immediately upon release. The published news usually appears on Google right away. It allows 30 press release submissions daily. It has a steady increase in the number of subscribers. It is one of the top-rated sites.


It offers a free press release distribution of press releases. PR inside is very beneficial to small businesses as it permits the use of free PR to advertising their activities. It allows companies to submit 30 posts in a day.

Bottom Line

Press release submission sites are very beneficial in every business by marketing their products and services.  It is a sure way to reach a vast audience, which in turn results in increased traffic and sales.

Nobody wants to invest in a non-profitable activity. Therefore, you cannot ignore the role played by these websites.

However, choosing a good press release is key to your success.

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