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Today, internet users do not only visit the world wide web to source for information but shape the web as well. The internet provides a global platform for sharing information with a worldwide audience. Sharing of information has revolutionized politics, social interactions, partnerships, employment, and most importantly commerce. Among the most popular strategies for sharing information is blogging. Blog posting alone, however, does not guarantee viewership of your web content by an online audience.

To increase the chances of your content being accessible by a significant proportion of internet users, your blog must be of excellent quality. The quality of a website is dependent on its domain authority (DA), Google page rank (PR), page authority (PA), and Alexa rank. Submitting your web content via document sharing sites is one of the most valuable and reliable techniques for enhancing the quality of your site. In this article, I will tell you all that you need to know about PDF sharing websites.

High DA PDF Submission Sites

What is PDF Submission?

Portable Document File (PDF) is the best and universal format for sharing files between computers regardless of the hardware, operating system, or application software. PDF file submission involves sharing blog posts, in PDF format, with online document sharing sites for SEO. The primary intent of doing this is to increase traffic onto your website.

To increase your blog’s competitiveness, you should target free online doc sharing sites with high online ranking. Please note that although high PR document sharing sites are the most effective strategies for attracting traffic, there are other options. Such options include social benchmarking, directory submission, guest blogging, and forum posting.

Free pdf submission sites are increasingly becoming popular for internet marketers and document sharing. Online merchandises use free file sharing websites to promote their products and services.

Attributes of the Best Free Document Sharing Sites

PDF submission sites that feature in the top 10 free file sharing sites list must meet specific benchmarks. The three critical criteria for making it to the top pdf submission sites list are:

  • Alexa rank – indicates the chances that a website will concentrate on a lot more targeted online users.
  • Page Rank – indicates the number of high-quality backlinks to a website
  • DA and PA – the basis of these two is MOZ Rank. They are indicators of your site’s authority within its niche.

Benefits of PDF Submission Sites List

PDF sharing sites list became prominent after the emergence of document submission sites. PDF sharing sites are preferred for their ability to conserve the initial appearance and formatting of online documents. PDF submission sites for SEO has numerous advantages. I will list a few of these advantages.

1. Improves your Ranking

If you do it appropriately, PDF submission gives your online enterprise a high ranking in SERPs. You get many backlinks from the document sharing sites list that improves your PR. To rip optimum benefits from this, always convert the file to a text file using OCR before submitting it. This makes it easier for search engines to read and index your file. Most online document sharing sites have links with social networks, weblogs, and blog directories. PDF submission on high PR document sharing sites, therefore, provides a diversity of backlinks.

2. Increases Traffic

Every blogger’s primary objective of content writing is to attract traffic to his/her site at a minimal cost. This is precisely the rationale behind the free document sharing sites list. You will attract many online visitors if you develop content that is relevant to your business. In modern SEO, a document sharing sites list is an essential tool for creating backlinks for your online commercial enterprise.

3. Promotes your Brand

Bloggers who specialize in online marketing take advantage of the best free file sharing sites to attract quality website traffic to their websites. They use this to create brand names for their businesses. With a free file sharing sites list, you do not need to pay a cent to promote your brand. It is all free. Money is therefore not an excuse for mounting a robust online campaign for your product.

4. Maintains Online Presence

One of the critical criteria for a quality website is its PA. If you use the right keywords in your PDF document, your page will have a guarantee to appear in Google search results. Free document sharing improves the SEO campaign for your site. It ultimately enhances your online presence.

5. Quick Indexing

The race for top ranking in Google search results is so competitive. Search engines will index your online content within a shorter time if you list them on top pdf sharing sites.

6. More Format Options

Unlike other types of documents, PDF offers you an opportunity to share content in different formats, including images, while conserving their original format.

Know about free PDF Document Sharing?

Before you start submitting your content on online file sharing sites, I would like you to know a few more things about the best pdf sharing sites practices.

  • You need to register to submit your file. There are file-sharing sites without registration, but most of the best pdf sharing sites do require registration. To get faster approval, please read the sites’ registration guidelines before proceeding to sign up.
  • As mentioned earlier, use Acrobat Reader’s OCR to convert your file format to Readable Text File. Without this, search engines will be unable to read your file content and therefore not index your file.
  • You should separate words in your file with dashes instead of spaces and underscores. Google search and other search engines work best with dashes.
  • Your title should be good. A good title should be rich in keywords and clickable.
  • In case you have graphics in your file, then ensure Google search understands them by using Alternative Text (Alt Text).
  • Do not submit on more than three of the top file-sharing websites on the same day. Similarly, do not list so many documents on the same document-sharing website.

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