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Why do you need .gov backlinks?

One of the SEO techniques that draw a lot of controversies is the .edu and .gov websites as tools for search engine optimization. The majority of SEO experts say these are the most trusted and authoritative sources of high-quality backlinks. The argument given for this is that any dot gov website enjoys superiority in terms of age.

Similarly, these sites are not profit-oriented and, therefore, enjoy a lot of trust from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In terms of the SEO campaign, many bloggers think these sites have unique superpowers.

It is not true that every SEO expert thinks the same with proponents of .edu and .gov magical powers. Some look at the domain authority of a site in terms of the superiority of its blog posts. They contend that a dot gov site does not enjoy any superiority because of its domain extension but its content value.

We are not going to stop the arguments for and against .gov sites seniority any time now. It is, however, true that you will gain a lot of mileage out of .gov site backlinks compared to other SEO tactics. Using the gov sites for SEO is a trusted and reliable way of building your domain authority.

Gain Trust with High Authority .gov backlinks

What are .gov Backlinks?

What is the govt site? Also referred to as government sharing sites, these are websites owned and managed by government and government institutions. They are not business oriented hence non-profit websites. Quality do-follow and no-follow links created from .gov submission sites list constitute .gov backlinks.

The links you create from .gov backlink sites are high-quality links. Search engines rate sites with inbound .gov backlinks quite high. Your SERP rank will be high if you have a good number of these links.

Why use gov Backlink?

If you are not using your gov sites list to grow your site domain, then it is time you started. There are convincing reasons as to why you should tap into this field. Successful bloggers and online marketers do it. Why not you? Let me justify my campaign for the gov site link building.

  • It is an obvious fact that government domains are not easy to buy for individual websites. The regulations for their acquisition are too limiting for individuals. This makes government sites to be rare to spot gives a list of all websites. Considering these factors, if you manage to get a link from any of these sites, you certainly get a trusted link. Are you looking for genuine and natural backlinks? Look no further than your gov websites list.
  • Domain ranking for .gov sites is among to top-most. Their domain authority and page rank are quite high. You can, therefore, trust them for juice links. If you want to improve your SEO rank, then seek a few .gov backlinks.
  • There is a common saying that ‘If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.’ It is an uphill task to get backlinks from government sites. Their value is, however, worth the effort. There are sites you simply email the resource page manager and request backlinks. This is not possible with government domains. It is partly for this reason that Google trusts them.
  • Lastly, if you run a business, you know how important customer trust is. One way of winning trust from your clients is to get government recommendations. One way of getting government recommendations is getting backlinks from govt websites list.

Importance of .gov backlinks

The list below outlines some of the benefits you expect from backlinks from government websites.

  • Websites for government institutions have high DA. You can acquire quality backlinks from them.
  • .gov backlinks are very powerful. One link is worth several non-government backlinks
  • They are highly trusted by Google search and other search engines. You get faster indexing with these links
  • Increase your SERP ranking
  • Enhance the level of traffic to your blog

How do I get government websites?

Most bloggers use Queries to find .gov websites for generating backlinks. Some of the common Queries include:

  • Site:.gov blog
  • Site:.gov comments
  • Site:.gov forums
  • Site:.gov log in/creation
  • Site:.gov inurl:blog

You can also use the DropMyLink option to look for government sites. With this, you first have to open an account with DropMyLink. Once you have an account, you can participate in forums and post comments. This will earn you backlinks.

How to get Backlinks from Gov Sites?

Take some time to scan through sites in an all government website list. You will notice that those with backlinks are mostly forums or sign-up landing sites. Whether forums or landing sites, they allow you to post a link in your profile. You may also use your blog link instead of a signature. You can generate backlinks by signing up and posting on the sites.

Let me make it simpler for you. Here is an outline for the basic systematic procedure of creating backlinks.

Step 1: search and develop a list of high PR .gov submission sites list. You may use the Queries or the DropMyLink option. Alternatively, get a list from your trusted blog post.

Step 2: From your list of all websites chosen, open the site links one at a time.

Step 3: Scan the contents of these sites to identify sites that are relevant to your niche. Sites that are not relevant to your niche will add no value to your SEO campaign.

Step 4: Sign up for an account if necessary. If the site allows you to post an article, do it. Let the article be niche relevant and rich in keywords. Also, include links to other articles on your blog that are relevant.

Step 5: Create a profile. Put your site link in the profile. You may also use a link for your signature.

Step 6: Start participating and posting on the page forum. Make you are your comments and posts are both relevant and valuable.

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An SEO campaign is a highly competitive business. Every blogger wants to see his page at No. 1 in search engine results. There are many ways of achieving this. Today I introduced you to one of the most effective strategies: .gov sites list. You might have tried many other techniques. I challenge you to try creating backlinks from your list of .gov websites. I do not think you will be disappointed.

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