Best Infographic Submission Sites List in 2022 (High Traffic)

This is a guide to promoting your infographics to high-quality infographic submission sites.

Whether you are an SEO expert or a blogger, you should dedicate time to building quality backlinks. One must have both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Infographics are one of the best off-page SEO techniques that will help you build quality backlinks and generate traffic to your website.

Top Infographic Submission Sites

What is an Infographic?

Infographics is a representation of information or data in visual form. You can collect and sum up your content in an eye-catching chart or graph.

Images tend to be attractive and relatable if well represented. Your audience will find it easy to go through an infographic rather than lengthy prose. Infographics also make you look credible as you showcase your expertise.

What is Infographic Submission?

Infographic submission is the process of sharing infographics on the list of infographic submission sites to reach a greater audience. It is an efficient off-page SEO technique that will gain you quality backlinks if done right.

This technique is time-consuming, and you will need to be proactive in promoting your infographics.

What are Infographic Submission Sites?

Infographic submission sites are the sites to which you submit your infographics. These sites have a high number of visitors and subscribers daily. You can tap into the existing audience on these sites by offering quality and attractive infographics.

Therefore, if you choose the top infographic sharing sites, you will surely get traffic to your website. High PR infographic submission sites have high domain authority. The high DA makes these sites the best places to post your eye-catching and engaging infographics. Your target audience will start sharing your infographics, and you will grow your traffic and backlinks.

How to Submit Infographics on Top Sites?

The top infographic submission sites are strict on submission quality. Before submitting your infographic, get a list of the best and high PR infographic submission sites. The research for top infographic sites will ensure that you are only posting on high DA infographic submission websites that will ensure you get quality backlinks and referral traffic.

After choosing the best and credible infographic sharing sites, follow the rules and regulations for the different websites to avoid being spammed or blocked. Proceed to open accounts and create profiles that are relevant to your infographic content.

Make sure that your infographic is unique and original. Some of the top infographic submission sites are so strict they pass your infographic on Copyscape to check on plagiarism. So basically, your infographic will be approved after confirmation of originality and quality.

What are the benefits of Infographic Submission?

There are many efficient and top infographic submission sites list from which to choose. Best free infographic submission sites are beneficial to your SEO and marketing strategies. Mentioned here are the significant benefits of infographic submissions.

1. You Gain Quality Backlinks

Well, there is no doubt that building quality backlinks is a very significant part of SEO. You’ll need to submit high quality and beautiful infographics on the top infographic submission sites.

For quality backlinks building, develop infographics that are exceptional in design and targeted on promotion. Promote your infographics in the high PR infographic submission sites and social media platforms to reach a broad audience. If and when your infographics go viral, you will get high-quality backlinks to your site.

2. Increased Traffic

When you guest post, you are sharing your content on someone else’s platform. This way, you are getting quality engagement from their audience while enhancing their website with the quality post. The same relationship exists while submitting infographics on top infographic sites.

Infographic submission sites have high audience engagement. By submitting eye-catching infographics to these sites, you get to tap into the existing audience base of these websites; hence, you will acquire tons of traffic to your site.

3. Increased Sales and Conversion

Just like an advertisement, an infographic drives sales of your product. Develop an attractive infographic and post it on the instant approval infographic submission sites.

While you are passing out a sales message to your audience, also remember to sound caring. Your audience would appreciate it if you can portray that you value and care for their needs, too, and not just selling. This selling strategy will undoubtedly increase your sales and conversion rate.

4. Increased Visibility

Attractive infographics tend to attract and engage readers for long compared to written content. Posting on the best infographic submission sites will increase the visibility of your product. Through attractive infographics, you will add value to your product.

5. You Reach Your Target Audience Easily

Your customers will stick with your product if they believe that you are out to satisfy their needs. Posting high-quality infographics on high PR infographic submission sites will make you reach your target audience easily. If the audience finds your product to be relieving their need, know that your SEO effort has worked.

Tips for Successful Infographic Submission

So far, it is evident that with quality infographic and useful content on the summary, your SEO game will be a notch higher. After creating high quality and eye-catching infographics, submitting it on the top infographic submission sites is the next step. The purpose of infographic submission is to gain backlinks and traffic. To implement these SEO strategies successfully, follow the below tips….

1. Create Quality and Unique Infographics

Free infographic submission sites are strict on originality. Many businesses use this SEO strategy in their marketing campaigns. Since these websites receive lots of requests on submission, the only way your infographic will be picked and accepted is by being original and unique. Design a beautiful and eye-catching design, even if it means hiring an expert designer or use an infographic designing software. Have a good content summary to back up your infographic.

2. Only Submit on High DA Infographic Submission Sites

It is not enough to share an infographic on just any website. Ensure that you research the top infographic submission sites and only submit infographics to the best. Your chances of gaining quality backlinks are high only if you post on the excellent DA infographics submission sites for SEO purposes.

3. Back-Up Your Submission with Quality Promotion

Infographic submission is a time-consuming activity. You have to go all out to promote it. Give it time and be patient. Adequate promotion and sales will gain your quality backlink and increased traffic.

4. Have Different Designs for Each Infographic Submission Site

When submitting on different instant approval infographic submission sites, remember to submit different designs for various websites. This way, you’ll be able to attract old and new users. Different designs break the monotony, and your audience will appreciate your expertise.



To sum it up, infographic submission is an effective SEO strategy. Have eye-catching infographics with high content summary, and you will boost your site with high-quality backlinks. Invest your time in submitting infographics on high PR infographic submission sites to give your site referral customers and hence, increased traffic.

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