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What is CSS submission?

CSS stands for Cascade Style Sheet. It describes a format used to define the color, layout, and font of your blog post structure. You use CSS to set apart the content of your article from its style. What comes to your mind when someone talks about CSS submission? This term implies the act of posting the URL of your site to a CSS directory. Usually, you also submit the title and your CSS code to the directory during CSS posting.

What is CSS used for?

People use CSS to customize the structure of their websites to a taste that is desirable to them. CSS submission is a technique used for search engine optimization. It helps you generate quality backlinks once approved.

Best sites for CSS Submission

CSS Submission Site List

Where do people submit CSS? We do CSS posting on CSS sharing sites. There are many CSS sites on the internet. These sites allow article writers to submit their websites to get enhanced online visibility. It also improves their SERP ranking.

Top CSS submission sites help to promote your content by exposing it to a broader target audience. If you intend to widen the movement and positioning of your blog, then do not hesitate to try the CSS submission sites list. Many people regard this as the ideal approach.

Many bloggers use free CSS submission sites list to portray and organize documents on their blogs. However, some advertisers still do not appreciate CSS submission as a backlink building tool. Once you start doing this, you will notice that this is changing. There is a steady increase in the popularity of web content that is CSS designed. In the next section, I will highlight the advantages of submitting CSS on the top CSS websites.

CSS Submission Benefits

One of the reasons why bloggers submit their CSS to the best CSS sites is that it gives their websites a friendly outlook. Specifically, the following are the benefits you get from free CSS submission.

1. Quality links

One sure thing is that high PR CSS submission helps you build quality backlinks. Notably, some of these links may be do-follow, while others could be no-follow backlinks. Quality do-follow backlinks help in indexing your site by search engines such as Google search, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can, therefore, create several backlinks from your list of CSS sites with high domain authority.

2. Generate traffic

Traffic is what every blogger looks forward to. As your traffic increases, your site’s popularity increase. This widens your market and increases your sales. High traffic will also enhance the visibility of your content to an online audience. The best CSS websites boast of receiving many online visitors each day. With a good and effective strategy, you can re-routed some of these to your blog.

3. Faster indexing

CSS sites reformat your blog to a CSS layout. They make your blog simple and clean codes. You will remember that bots used by search engines to crawl your page look for text rather than the code. Crawlers get to read your content with ease in CSS format. This improves your blog indexing and ranking on search engine results pages.

Let me now share a few tips to help you master CSS submission. With these tips, I hope you will be able to navigate around free CSS sharing sites and make your CSS submission.

  • Only use CSS websites that offer free, customized themes.
  • Always construct your theme from the start. You need an authentic and original theme for CSS submission. Some blog hosting sites, such as WordPress, offer free generic designs. CSS submission sites will reject most of these generic designs.
  • There are many free of charge CSS sites. Narrow down to the top 10 CSS websites for your posting. High domain authority CSS posting sites will guarantee you high profile backlinks. It is these quality links bloggers need for indexing and SERP ranking.

4. Steps to Submit CSS

If you have done these and you have your best CSS sites, then process with the steps below to make your submission or hire a CSS listing service.

Step 1: Select one link from the list of top CSS submission sites you have narrowed down to.

Step 2: Move to the button labeled “Submit.” You should be able to locate this button in the navigation bar. Click on this button.

Step 3: You will see a textbox where you need to capture your site information. Type the required information here. This should include your name, e-mail address, and the URL of your blog.

Step 4: Look around for a drop-down menu on the page. Click the drop-down arrow. Select “Submit a site” from the options given on the menu.

Step 5: Make some relevant comments in the area provided for comments. Here, comment that you designed your blog from scratch.

Step 6: Submit your CSS. You should do this by locating and clicking the ‘Submit button.’

Step 7: Repeat steps 1 to 6 until you successfully submit to all the websites on your CSS submission sites list free. To avoid flagging by search engines for spamming, make sure you submit your CSS on one site at a time. Do not initiate another process before the previous is complete.


  • Any time your submitting CSS takes time to review your portfolio before submitting it. It should be free from any mistakes. Check to ensure that the linking graphic file is properly functioning. Your pages should be well designed and authentic.
  • Your blog or website ought to be authentic as per W3C standards. W3C is an abbreviation for World Wide Web Consortium. This is a global community where members come to develop web standards. These members are both individuals and organizers involved in website development and design.

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