100+ High PR Best Image Sharing Sites List for SEO 2022

Best Image Sharing Sites

A picture speaks louder than words. This is both true and factual. People tend to remember more what they see than what they hear. You believe it because you saw it. It is common knowledge that people watch more movies and they read books. It is from this background that I want to introduce you to one of the most powerful SEO strategies. This strategy is image sharing.

High DA Image Sharing Sites List

Image Sharing in SEO

Image sharing is one of the SEO strategies you can use off-page to improve your site ranking in search engines. Most bloggers find image submission to be a more effective SEO technique than many similar strategies. A single picture can pass over a message more effectively than several article paragraphs. Images draw huge traffic when you submit them to image submission sites

What are the Image Sharing Sites?

Image sharing is the posting of images or pictures of your products or website to photo posting sites. Online picture share sites are internet platforms where individuals or cooperates can upload, host and freely share images and photographs. Online audiences can view shared pictures but may be restricted from downloading and using them.

There are popular photo sharing sites that give internet users the choice to download, share and use images. Free photo-sharing sites that allow users to download and use images only allow it for non-commercial and individual usage.

You can use photo posting websites to bookmark pictures on your blog to attract online traffic. Most images shared on these sites feature products and services that owners want to display before an online audience. You can get free image storage with free photo sharing websites. Photo upload websites ensure safe custody of your images at no fee.

There are many photo sharing websites on the internet today. The most popular photo sharing sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. One of the things top photo sharing sites will surely do for you is to promote your products and services. There is, however, more to it than just product and service promotion. Let me explain some of the benefits of image submission in a more explicit way.

Benefits of Image Submission in SEO

1. Promotes your Brand

After posting your image, image sharing sites allow you to tag your friends, family, workmates, etc. You can post pictures of your products or a logo of your brand. People will remember your brand longer than if they read a page on your site.

2. Boosts your Site’s SEO

After posting your image, you have the choice to leave a caption and file name. With relevant keywords, your filename and caption will generate for you quality backlinks. Both rich-keywords and quality backlinks help improve your site’s SEO.

You may also set attribution conditions for your shared images. This generates a backlink whenever an online audience uses your image.

3. High Traffic

The purpose of sharing your photographs as far as SEO is concerned is to attract traffic. If the images you post are interesting, viewers might follow your site’s link to learn more about them. In this way, photo sharing websites play a key role in generating traffic to your blog. Submitting attractive photos can greatly help draw the attention of internet visitors.

There is likewise the likelihood to get referral traffic. If your pictures attract them, internet users might follow the link to your site. If they find your products to be of good quality, they will hopefully tell their friends, or share the image with them. When the referred audience visits your site, we say you are getting referral traffic.

4. Better SERPs Rank

SERP stands for the search engine results page. Do you want to see your blog among the top search results in Google? Make the best online photo sharing one of your regular SEO campaign techniques.

Favorable ranking on SERPs is desirable if you are keen on making people see your brand. Most professional photo sharing sites provide you with juice links when you post on them. Juice links improve your domain authority and page authority. These two metrics are important determinants of your SERPs rank.

5. More Earnings

If you manage a business blog or website, you stand to get more sales from picture sharing sites than any other alternative. Just ensure your page starts featuring among the top Google search results. You will get a lot of targetted audiences. These are potential buyers of your products and services.

You can also make money by selling your photos. A few online photo album sites permit you to sell your pictures.

How to Submit a photo on Image Sharing Websites?

Posting your quality images on photo upload sites is not any difficult. You only need to open an account on your best free photo sharing site and start submitting it. do not worry if you do not know how to do it. Below is a systematic guide for creating an account and posting your images on free image sharing sites.

Part One: Opening an account on the best photo sharing websites

Step 1: Identify a high PR free image sharing sites list. Select the best picture sharing site from this list and open it.

Step 2: Using your actual e-mail and real name (or brand name if you like), sign up for a user account on the selected best photo sharing website.

Step 3: A confirmation email will be sent to your email account. Open the email and follow instructions given for confirmation. This activates your account.

Step 4: Create a nice profile by submitting the required details. Such details may include name, username, and your brand description.

Note: Do not create several accounts on the same image sharing website. If you do this, Google might penalize you for spamming.

Part Two: How to Submit a photo on Image Sharing Websites?

If you keenly followed the steps above, I believe you have successfully created your account on your best photo sharing site. The next step is to share your image on the online picture sharing sites. Just follow the 6 steps below and you will be done.

  1. Choose one from among your best high-quality creative images to share.
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Add a good rich-keyword title into the title field
  4. Add rich-keyword image description in the appropriate field
  5. Upload your image by browsing to its location
  6. Tag your friends and family


Image sharing is a great tool for SEO. To rip the maximum benefit, do your best to post high-quality pictures. The pictures should have high clarity and be subject-oriented. Finally, finding a reliable image sharing sites list will go a long way in optimizing your SEO campaign.

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