75+ EDU Backlinks Sites List (2024)

What are .edu websites?

.edu submission sites are websites belonging to educational institutes. Education is one of the oldest institutions. Education sites, therefore, boast of being older than most business websites although not as numerous as .com websites. As an SEO tool, bloggers get .edu backlinks when they engage with these sites.

High Quality Edu Backlinks Sites List 2024

.edu backlinks

The links you get from education institutions to your blog are called .edu backlinks. Most SEO specialists acknowledge that these links are very resourceful when it comes to mounting an effective SEO campaign. Age being one of the factors that determine domain authority, these websites command a lot of authority and trust among their peers. Links you get from these sites are therefore good quality links.

Google search and other search engines rate educational sites highly. Some even suggest that a single link from an educational site list is worth ten backlinks from any other site. A few experts do not agree that .edu links are quality links for merely being educational sites. The opponents contend that the site domain has to do with the quality and relevance of its content rather than just being educational.

On which side of the coin do you stand? By the time you finish reading this article, you will agree with me that the former is true. Let’s first look at the benefits of educational websites for SEO.

What does it take to get backlinks from High quality .edu site list?

Getting quality backlinks from .edu submission sites is costly. You may have to spend some money. It might cost you some valuable time. You will however not regret the effort. What then do you need to do to get these links? Let me highlight some strategies that I think will be beneficial to you.

Advantages of .edu backlinks

I have already said that different experts in search engine optimization hold different views regarding the superiority of educational websites over other sites as an SEO strategy. That aside, I have listed below some of the benefits you stand to gain from your list of educational websites.

1. Higher PR

.edu sites enjoy high DA compared to other websites. Search engines trust them probably because the content on their sites is more credible and trusted than content on business websites. It is also factual that such sites do not accept links with just any website. The sites link only to sites that are valid educational resources.

Educational institutions aim at providing knowledge rather than selling consumer products. If you have links to these sites, your articles are likely to be indexed much faster by Google search. Anyone seeking information related to your blog content will see your site among the top pages in Google search results.

2. Improves Online Presence

Educational sites get numerous guests who come seeking data for educational purposes. If you have links from these sites, the online audience of these sites gets access to your site via the link. More people access your blog and thus your articles get greater visibility to internet users. The sites are a sure bet when it comes to putting your page at the top of Google search results ranking.

3. Quality Backlinks

It is not cheap getting backlinks from High DA .edu sites. We must, however, appreciate that these are highly coveted links by bloggers around the world. The quality of backlinks you get from your list of educational websites is worth your effort and money. Quality links are essential for your site traffic, domain authority and Alexa rank.

Top 10 Strategies for Effective .edu Submission

1. Blog Commenting

Apart from institutional websites, most education institutes have different blogs on their websites. Each blog addresses itself to either a different niche, department or group. Submitting comments on these blogs could be a valuable venture. It is worth much more than commenting on business or individual websites.

The purpose of blog commenting on these sites is to get backlinks. Always scout for content on these sites that is relevant to your blog articles. Submit your comments on these. Alongside your comments, put a link to your blog. This is what wins you backlinks to your site.

2. Resourceful Content Writing

Universities are always thirsty for information. They need adequate resources for their numerous academic fields. You can get many backlinks if you position yourself as a valuable information resource.

You can, for example, identify an area for which you are an expert. Write relevant content in that field that correlates strongly with students’ knowledge demand. Publish the content on your website. Alert the university librarian to put a link to it on the library page of the university library. You can imagine the number of students who will be clicking your link in the next month. A powerful Edu backlink. Incredible!

3. Voluntary Service

There are two ways you can volunteer your service to the college and get traffic in return. One of them is lecturing. The second is the seminar facilitation.

Are you an expert, if not a professional in any academic field? If yes, then you are holding a very resourceful tool. Simply walk into the academic registrar’s office. Ask to be taken in as a guest lecturer free of charge. A few universities might decline.

Many, if not all, will grant you the opportunity. In a short while, you will be appearing on the university website, with your profile, as a guest lecturer. This alone will win you the desired backlinks. You could also refer students to check out more information on your site. As the number of your page views increase, Google ‘will be taking notes.’ Your free service will have paid off generously.

Apart from guest lecturer, you could also be a speaker at a college seminar. Your name will appear on the university’s site as a speaker. This too will earn significant traffic to your website.

4. Get onto the Institute’s Local Resource Page

Most institutional websites have a resource page. Check out some top educational sites for link building to see if they have a resource page with external links. Maybe you provide some essential services like accommodation or catering. You can ask the page manager to include your business on the resource page.

5. Offer Scholarships

Mobilize some resources and start a financial scholarship for a target group in the university. This will earn you a slot on the college website. There will be a link to your site for scholarship application.

6. Get Students to Blog

University students face lots of financial difficulties. Most students are willing to take up some simple tasks at a small fee. You can recruit 1 or 2 students to blog on the college website. The condition should be that they create a link to your site on the new blog. It pays!

7. Offer a Job

You may also contact the university with job offers for students. Even if you don’t have the job vacancies, ask some employers to advertise job vacancies on your site. Ask the university to add your web page link on their careers portal. You will get edu backlinks and traffic flowing to your site.

8. Site Enhancement

There are many pages on university websites that lie unattended. Some require better interphase while others need updates. Some of them are not interactive enough for their status. Volunteer to work on these sites for backlinks to your site as part of the deal.

9. Offer Discount Coupons

Some universities have coupon submission sites for their staff. If you sell some merchandise, visit these sites and submit your coupon codes there.

10. Be an active Alumni

How often do you visit your college website? Does it have a page for alumni on its website? How active are you on it? If not, you are missing some quality links. Be active. Have a profile on the alumni page. Make comments. Provide niche links to your niche relevant content. You will get some links here.

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