Best High DA Free Classified Ads Sites List (Post free ads online)

Advertisements have experienced lots of revolution ever since web 2.0 was developed. Today, online advertisements take prominence over radio, TV, newspaper, and billboard advertisements. Classified ads websites take a notable share of business advertisements. Online classified ads are rated much higher than all other forms of classified ads. People start with free advertising sites before buying ad spaces.

Best Classified Ads Sites List

What are Classified Ads?

Classified ads are small adverts that companies post at prime places to alert and attract the interest of potential clients about their businesses or merchandise. The advertisements are usually precise and classified.

What is Classified Ad Submission?

This is the online equivalent of placing a classified advertisement on newspaper prime pages or TV prime time. It involves posting classified ads into free classified ads sites. The purpose of submitting online classified ads is to catch the attention of internet visitors. This mostly leads to a rise in the number of users visiting your site. In the end, local free ad posting sites without registration help to promote your business.

What are Ads Posting Sites for SEO?

I think you now have a clear understanding of classified ads submission. Online platforms that allow bloggers and businesses to post free classified ads are called classified ads submission sites. These are online classified ads directories or websites where you can post classified ads. That is enough background information about the classified ads submission sites list. At the end of the day, you might ask, “Why should I use classified ads websites?’ Why not a newspaper, TV or magazines? Let me try to explain this.

Why Online Classified Ads?

  1. There are many local classified ads alternatives to ads posting sites. You will, however, concur with me that it is simpler to search for an advertisement through Google search that flipping through newspaper pages. Clients would instead do internet searches than peruse through newspaper adverts.
  2. The amount of people with access to classified ad websites is immense. Global free classified ads have the potential to reach millions of people around the world. Newspapers, TV, and billboard ads have limited catchment. Similarly, most of the targeted audience may not have the monetary capability to purchase newspapers regularly.
  3. Online ads provide free service to both the business owner and the buyer. In the mainstream media, you have to pay to place a classified ad. The charges are very prohibiting for most enterprises. Likewise, the intended buyer will have to buy a newspaper, a journal, or buy a TV to access the classified ads. All these are non-issues as far as free online classified ads are concerned.
  4. High da classified ad sites boast of very high traffic. They get millions of visitors every day. These sites give your articles many leads and a lot of online audiences.
  5. You can post free classified ads without registration on most free classified ads websites.

Classified Ads Submission in SEO

High da classified ad sites serve as useful tools for search engine optimization campaigns. Posting ads in high authority do-follow ad posting sites generates quality backlinks to your blog.  Free classified ads present a cheap and effective strategy for an off-page SEO campaign.

Benefits of Classified Ads Posting

  1. Online Traffic Generation

It is quite easy to navigate through online advertisement websites. Many people, therefore, prefer them to conventional advertisements. As a result of this, classified submission websites get a lot of traffic that could easily be re-routed to your website. If you create more engaging and enticing ads, you will get a lot of traffic.

  1. Link Building

Do-follow classified ads sites generate backlinks when you post ads on them. These are mostly natural backlinks. They help drive traffic to your site.

  1. Brand Promotion

Building a reliable brand is the key to improving your sales. One way of creating a powerful brand is to ensure all potential customers get to know about your services.

One unique thing with classified ads online is that the ads are shown only to the audience who type queries about the product. With classified ads site, only the target audience gets to see your product hence a meager bounce rate. You can make your brand very popular among your target audience using do-follow ad posting sites.

  1. Product Exposure

Considering the significant number of internet users accessing your page, your products get exposed to a massive global market that too with the help of free classifieds.

Dos and Don’ts of classified ads posting:

  • If you post so many ads on the same site at the same time, Google and other search engines might flag your website. This comes with penalties and consequences.
  • Make of your top classified ads sites that are niche-rated. Such sites offer you quality natural backlinks.
  • Maintain professionalism. Make sure your ads are attractive to the audience to reduce user bouncing. They should also be engaging. You might need to hire a service if you are not competent enough.
  • Make sure your title, description, and meta description have relevant and adequate keywords. The title must not be boring to the audience. Let your target audience know what your products are and what they stand to gain from them.
  • Diversify your classified ads submissions. Submit to different classified ads sites but make sure the ads are not monotonous. Before posting to a different ad posting site, update and modify the ad to make it look different. Avoid using the same ad repeatedly. Each of the classified ads should be well-structured.
  • To appeal to your audience more, record and add some videos that represent your products and services.

How to Submit your Classified Ads?

Let me finish this article by giving you a summarized procedure for the submission of classified ads.

  1. Prepare a list of top ads posting sites. You can now post free ads.
  2. Select some free local classified ads sites. Register. Some sites may not require registration.
  3. Add username, email, and your website.
  4. Verify your email
  5. Click ‘Submit’
  6. Input URL, title, description, price, and your keywords
  7. Click ‘Submit Ads’
  8. Wait for approval
  9. Share approval link on social profile

This simple procedure will get you started with your ad submission.

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