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You might be familiar with various document submission websites. The least talked about document submission sites for search engine optimization is review submission. A review submission sites list is as important as blog, pdf, ppt, and coupon submission sites lists.

A few people are aware of the importance of review submission and review submission sites in the business. It is, therefore, my wish to introduce you to this very essential SEO strategy. Let’s start by asking a very basic question: What is review submission in SEO?

What is Review Submission?

Today, the market is flooded with many counterfeit products. Coupled with increased financial constraints and the cost of living, consumers are more inquisitive than ever before. For the majority of consumers, over 90%, knowing what other consumers say about a given product before purchasing it is crucial.

Reviews are the comments made by product users about its quality. They are constructive feedback from the online audience. Product reviews might be positive or negative comments. Successful business enterprises pay attention to online reviews of their products. Are you serious about making a brand for your business? If you, you must actively participate in shaping the conversation about your products online.

The use of reviews to popularize your online marketing site, however, has more to do with the review sites rather than the reviews themselves. When you or online shoppers write reviews and you then post these reviews on review posting sites, we call this review submission. Review submission in SEO is a vital off-page SEO strategy for business brand promotion.

Business review posting as an SEO off-page strategy involves the submission of positive reviews on local business listing websites. Online review websites are necessary for an effective quality campaign. These sites allow you to submit your site reviews on their sites. A significant percentage of online business reviews posted in many of the local review sites are for product-based websites.

Why Review Submission Sites List?

Are you not yet satisfied the business reviews are an essential aspect of your business? Stay with me as I discuss the benefits of using top review sites from your online review sites list.

First, High DA local review sites can greatly improve your online visibility. The ripple effect of this is an increased volume of sales. You reach out to a lot more potential customers when you submit your site reviews on business review sites. Always ensure you get good positive reviews if your aim of using your review posting sites list is to make more sales.

Posting reviews on the best online business review sites will often give you good results by search engines. These sites increase your ranking in SERP, hence greater visibility. Do not forget about the juice links top review sites for business will pass to you from your online review submission.

Secondly, I’ll talk about trust. Seemingly, many online shoppers trust online product reviews. To make sales, you want to win the trust of your audience. You will not win customer trust by keeping reviews to yourself. Simply find for yourself a favorite list of review websites. Once you win the trust of your customers, you will also benefit from a referral multiplier effect. One satisfied customer will tell 10 others about your products, who will, in turn, tell 10 others. Trust in business is all you need to break even.

The third benefit you get from review submission in the best business review sites concerns backlinks. You get quality do-follow backlinks from your usage of the best website review sites. Quality backlinks increase your traffic and, consequently, your online sales. You should, however, avoid submitting reviews on too many of the best review sites. Doing this will land you into trouble with Google search. Google search engine will flag you as spamming hence either removed from search results or downgraded.

Brand reputation comes in as the fourth benefit of product review sites. With top review sites, you get positive reviews for your brand. Keep in mind that the visibility level of your brand in Google search results, the higher the popularity of your site. When you submit reviews in high DA reviews submission sites, your site authority also increases. With high page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA) comes a high SERP ranking.

Let me now share with you some making the best online business reviews that will guarantee an instant review approval.

Review Submission Guidelines

Many sites in the list of top 10 review websites attract millions of bloggers who come to seek good reviews for their websites. Sometimes, it might be an uphill task getting your reviews approved instantly. The following tips will help you shorten your review approval time.

  • Do not be in a hurry to submit your review. Different review posting websites might have different review submission guidelines. Be patient and carefully read all the site’s guidelines before you post your reviews. Do you want Google to flag your site for spamming? I bet you don’t.
  • Do not click that submit button as soon as you finish writing your reviews. First, scan through and edit your text before clicking the button. Patience pays.
  • Check and resolve any duplicated text. The quality of your reviews count. You must create a good first impression on your audience.
  • Solicit for more reviews. Share your page link on Tweeter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn with your friend. Ask them to visit your site and review your products. If it requires that you pay or give coupon discounts to some people to review your products, well, do it. There’s always time for payback.

In the guidelines above, I have stated you can solicit reviews through social media. You may also pay some people to write favorable reviews for your article posts. However, no reviews can be as powerful as client testimonials.

Testimonials drift attention away from the seller himself to a third party. New buyers will obviously trust a third party more than they will definitely trust the seller. I encourage bloggers to include genuine customer testimonials on their blogs and have links in their articles to these testimonials.

Finally, you may also have article reviews on your website in the form of star-ratings. Google search usually displays these star-ratings in search results. Product and services star-ratings could greatly influence the perception of internet users towards your site. Google only displays star-ratings for product reviews individual article, not business or shop reviews


I believe the information I have shared is helpful to you. What you need to get moving is to get your list of review sites. Pick a few high PR review submission sites. Follow the guidelines given to sign up for a user account and review submission.

Lastly, submit your reviews and relax. I have to remind you that each review site has its site-specific guidelines. Two things might happen if you don’t follow them. One of them is that Google will possibly penalize you for spamming. The second is that you will not get approval for your reviews. Finally, tell someone or two about review submission sites.

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