Top High PR Forum Posting Sites List 2022 (Updated)

Online forum posting sites are an effective approach to off-page SEO for your websites. Online forums are typically platforms where individuals can assist one another by answering the posted questions.

What’s particularly great about these discussion forums is that users can engage in any niche, not to mention that they have high traffic and DA. If you participate in the popular online forums and use a high DA forum site list, you can effectively boost traffic, and your websites benefit from high authority backlinks. This will help you increase your website’s Domain Authority (DA).

In this article, you will learn about forum posting, how it works, and its advantages. Moreover, you can check out our popular forum posting sites list, which features forum discussion websites in various categories including high do follow forum posting site list, free discussion sites, online shopping forum posting sites, among many others.

Best DoFollow Forum Discussion Sites List 2022

All these listed discussion sites are both active and continually receive numerous new online discussion users across the globe.

Home Improvement Forum Sites List

Best Travel Forum Posting Sites


Health Forum Submission Sites

We’ve compiled the list of best free health forum posting websites.

Business Discussion Sites List

High Traffic Tech Forums List

Top Digital Marketing Forums

What is Forum Posting in SEO?

Forum posting is creating a connection and developing a relationship with multiple visitors with your knowledge, which gives them answers to their questions. They are ideally online group discussion sites where community members can post their questions and share their thoughts with other members. You simply select a relevant forum depending on your blog’s niche and begin taking part in the deliberations with pertinent information.

Terms and conditions are different depending on the website; in some, like an anonymous online discussion forum, members can share their opinions anonymously. Contrastingly, some like paid forum posting sites or even some several free posting sites require you to sign up to post comments.

However, it is not necessary to log in to view the existing messages. Depending on the set up of the most popular discussion forums, a posted comment might require to be approved by the forum administrator, failure to which it cannot be viewed.

Advantages of Forum Posting

Forum posting comes in handy when you want to do more business. By using the top forum posting sites for SEO, one can comfortably gain their intended traffic, especially if you join dofollow forum posting sites. Moreover, a forum brings together different forum members and users with mutual curiosity in one platform.

Achieving high-quality backlinks is another benefit that comes with group posting. Therefore you need to use it the right way. Below see the different categories of forum discussion sites:

  1. Writing posting
  2. SEO forum posting
  3. Free forum posting
  4. Paid Forum Posting

Getting Started with Forum Posting Sites

The first step is to search for forum discussion sites on the internet, which have content that is relevant for your business. For instance, if you own a grocery store, look for and sign up for nutrition posting sites. The same applies to other provisions such as shopping, where you will search online for online shopping forum posting sites, and join.

To be a member, you need to sign up on popular online forums and wait for your request to be approved. Besides this, here are other essential steps you should follow.

  • Honesty: Be open about your industry and business and posts things that are helpful to the other forum users.
  • Once you join a discussion site that has content related to your business, and you have essential information that would help people, post it. This will show the forum discussion members that you know about the topic, which could result in you being the person the discussion forum members will consult if they have a query on the subject again.
  • If you are a member of an education forum posting site, for instance, or whatever online discussion websites, make sure you ask genuine questions. If you ask the right questions, other members watch your posts to learn what they are uncertain or afraid to ask.

Free forum posting:

In these forum discussion sites, you can share any issues you have, and you will acquire your desired answers, without paying anything. This means you can be proficient on your own. You can check out some of the most popular free forums on our list and pick one that suits your preference.

Paid Forum Posting (PFP):

If you own a blog, a website, or forum and don’t have the time to work to start from scratch, then paid forum posting is a remarkable option. Ideally, paid forum posts represent a service that affords website, blog, and forum owners’ the necessary content for a fee.

According to various 2021 paid forum posting review sites, they provide money earning opportunities for generating content for their customers. With content, this represents standard articles, blog/forum comments, SEO articles, and standard articles. Here is a paid forum posting sites list 2021 you can refer to and choose what works for you.

SEO Forum Posting: Defining Forum Posting in SEO

If you post high-quality articles, you can relate to your forum users, and you will gain additional traffic. In order of importance, forum discussion sites for SEO are just next to social networking websites. It is common knowledge that social networking websites attract massive traffic as compared to any other site, and forum posting is the second one.

There is an excellent opportunity for you to post high-quality articles. In this technological era, some online discussion forums are extremely strict in case of restraint.

To start, you ought to register with the best posting forums sites and the popular posting forums and post different topics and relevant replies without including the backlinks to your site. Here are some examples of the popular options, as outlined in our best forum posting 2021 on the SEO list.

Choosing a Discussion Forum for Posting

Selecting an online Forum discussion site to publish content is critical, and here is how to do forum posting in SEO. First, you search for a forum with content related to your niche. It will make quality backlinks to your site once the forum page is listed on Google.

If you are in the healthcare business, for instance, look out for health forum posting sites, and appropriate health forum submission sites lists. The same goes for education where you will need to browse for the education forum posting sites list, among others.

Second, search for top online forum sites with a lot of traffic to post your comments; additional visitors could mean more sales for your website. However, you need to post your links on a forum that has increased PR. Why?

Posting links on the best forum sites will give you high-quality backlinks. Similarly, if you want to join SEO forum discussion sites to get backlinks, then a great idea would be to search for dofollow forum submission sites.

Nonetheless, you must write your appropriate answer for the category of your website and then put your website link.  All you need to do is look out for high PR discussion sites list and dofollow forum posting sites list and come up with an appropriate option related to your niche.

You can use this popular high PR forum posting sites list and follow forum participation sites list shared above.

Getting Started with Online Forum Posting

Online forum posting defines a high-demand occupation since forum owners are continually searching for new content that will entice new users to come to their sites and to generate extra funds.

To get started, here are some of the tips to help you succeed in online forum discussion sites:

  1. Do not capitalize on the post.
  2. Do not double-post
  3. Stay on the topic
  4. Research before posting
  5. High quality

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