35+ Best Job Posting Sites for Employers 2022

If you have ever been a position to hire for a job vacancy, you surely know it is no easy task. It does not only cost you time but money too. Posting a classified ad for a job vacancy in a local daily is too costly for most employers.

Today, many employers resort to online job advertisements as opposed to print media. Electronic media like TV advertisements are no cheaper than print media. Job posting sites are a great relief to job creators looking to hire workers.

In a digital world, job seekers do not have to walk around with piles of application letters in search of a job. All you need is a computer and internet access to find a job in the comfort of your house. Human resource managers from different companies across the world keep posting jobs on internet-based job recruiting websites regularly.

Similarly, millions of job seekers visit free job advertising sites daily to search for employment opportunities. You cannot underestimate the SEO potential of these job hiring sites. These sites are, therefore, the focus of this article.

Best Job Posting Sites List

What are the Job Posting Sites for Employers?

You can call them online job posting sites or job search websites. Better still, you can refer to them as job search sites or simply job websites. The diversity of their names, I guess, depicts the diversity of opportunities they offer.

Job posting sites, also called hiring websites are free to job posting sites for employers where they can list any job vacancies within their institutions. At the same time, they are sites where individuals looking for jobs get an opportunity to browse through various local job listings. Literary, you can look at the free job posting sites as job posting boards that used to exist before the emergence of websites that offer free job postings for employers.

Just in case you are searching for job boards for your next best hire, several free job posting websites help you search for the right candidates.

However, not all job posting sites are ideal or serves better for a job search facing the facts that you are on the lookout for the best candidates who can handle the challenge of your job, and you want those who demonstrate long-term goals and can complete the job to your taste.

Meanwhile, most job websites do focus on a specific purpose (like recruiting alone). But we have found the ten best job posting sites that are designed for all kinds of job types in any category and provide free resources and opportunity to network with thousands of job seekers or professionals.

Why do employers prefer to post free job ads on job hiring websites?

Probably, you have just started a new company and you want to hire workers. You are asking yourself, do I post my job for free on job posting websites or go for paid conventional ads? Maybe, you need some help to decide where to post jobs. Here are some reasons why seasoned employers.

  • Off-line job advertisements are very expensive. Only big organizations and governments may afford to put up classified ads on TV, Newspapers, billboards, etc. Free job posting websites give you the rare privilege to do what big corporations and governments do at zero cost.
  • Adverts in conventional media can only last for a short while, an ad on TV, for example, will only run for not more than 3 minutes after you pay a fortune for it. The daily advert is only relevant on the day the paper is on sale. Billboard administrators will pull down adverts as soon as their due date reaches. Your ad on the internet will remain relevant and visible as long as it should.
  • As an employer, you have the freedom to choose between free job postings online or paid job listings. Print and electronic media will never give you that option. You must pay to get your job advertised. Remember that popular best job posting sites for employers also paid advertisement options.

Job Posting in SEO

Ideally, employers use their websites to fill up job vacancies in their institutions. There is however much more to online free job listings that finding workers. Free job sites can be a valuable SEO strategy for your company website.

Job posting in SEO involves listing the job opportunity in your company to attract candidates and draw traffic to your website. Listing a job online is of no value unless it reaches your targeted audience. There is, therefore, a need to optimize your job description such that it appears in search engine results. You need to choose free job posting sites with high PR for your job submission. To ensure greater visibility in search engines, you must also write a good relevant rich-keyword job description.

If you do it well, the best free job posting sites can be an incredible SEO tool for your website. To make the best out of your job listing:

  • Choose the right keywords and include them in your job description
  • Use a simple title for your job offering. Complex descriptions will discourage potential applicants from following the job link to your website.
  • Share your job listing on social media sites. You can share the URL of the page bearing the ad
  • Create a blog for careers on your website. This will attract job seekers to your site, proving traffic.

Top Job Posting Sites

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Jobvertise
  4. Indeed
  5. Postmyskill
  6. Jobsora
  7. Glassdoor
  8. Jora
  9. Postjobfree.com
  10. Wisestep


Upwork is one of the best free job posting sites that makes it easy for one to find, hire the best candidate or professional for your project type anywhere and anytime. Through Upwork, you will be able to connect with top professional freelancers around the world. It has grown very quickly to become the largest freelance job hunting sites on the internet.


Fiverr is a well known digital market place that is ideal for businesses to post job and as well connect with professional that will be the best hire for the positions. Fiverr is one of the best job posting sites for employers, especially if you are watching your budget.


You are looking for the best hire for your open position. Jobvertise is the world’s most extensive free resume and job search site database that enable you to check the resumes of various professionals and to connect with the best of the best candidates for your job type.


Indeed is one of the best job search sites around the globe that is perfect for both job seeker and employer perspective. Their website is easy to navigate, and they have excellent customer support, plus they continually send jobs opening daily, and that means it is the rightful place to post your jobs.


PostMySkill is a free job advertising website that connects talented freelancers and agencies to individuals and businesses seeking specialized service. They have been around the corner and are ideal for a local job listing in the African region, most notably.


Jobsora is a perfect job hiring website that helps businesses to connect with job seekers all over the world. It is an ideal website to post free job ads to communicate with professional seeking and is reliable for such an opportunity.


Glassdoor is a free job search engine that showcases companies honest review and salary options for members to see. On the other hand, Glassdoor also allows you to search and apply for jobs on its platform.


Jora is a reliable easy to navigate job posting site with premium customer support. They provide in-depth information and a lot of job openings to professionals. So you don’t need a search further for your next best hire, visit Jora today.


The name (post free job) has said it all, and it is a perfect free job posting websites that help in the recruiting of remote workers around the world. Jobseekers are endowed with scalable skills to adapt to your organization’s workflow.


Wisestep is a platform where to post jobs, find work, or you can improve your career through networking. What makes Wisestep a unique and reliable free job posting website is the possibility to refer to someone fit for a particular job type and get a commission for it.

Benefits of Best Job Posting Sites

You can get many benefits from job submission using the list of free job posting sites. These benefits are for both your company and your site’s SEO campaign.

  1. High chances of getting the ideal candidate

Many people visit job posting sites daily in search of jobs. Your size of the target audience is therefore quite big. It increases your chances of finding the right candidate.

  1. Free advertisement

As I have stated earlier, job posting sites are the best place to post jobs. You expose your vacancy to a large audience at no cost.

  1. High online visibility

Many of the job search websites are high DA job listing sites. Submitting to these sites generate quality backlinks. Coupled with the high traffic by users visiting your site for jobs, you get a very high ranking in SERP. Your site, consequently, becomes more visible to users searching for jobs online.

  1. Increased traffic

When you post jobs in the high PR list of job sites, these sites generate backlinks to your web page. Additionally, you always leave a link to your sight in the job description. Users who find your job description worthwhile follow these links to your site. Through this, your traffic increases significantly.

  1. Job listing contributes to brand promotion

Posting jobs regularly on different sites leads to increased awareness of your brand among the online audience.



In this article, my main objective was to introduce you to the job posting sites list. You can use this list for various reasons. First, you can use job websites to find ideal employees for your company free. Secondly, local job listings are an important strategy for your website’s SEO. Lastly, free job posting sites for employers help to promote their brands. Therefore, get down to your favorite job listing sites list and start posting those jobs.

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