40+ Top Social Media Sites List in 2024 (with details)

Popular Social Media Sites List

Can you imagine any other technology that has changed the internet more than social media? Social relationships are the ingredients of society. Social interplays define our cultures and customs. Social interactions influence human personalities. Your social relations explain more than 50% of your personality traits.

The way we relate with one another affects our emotions. We feel love and hate and joy and sorrow through social platforms. Amongst all internet services, social media platforms affect our interactions the most. Millions of people visit these places every day. Consequently, I will devote this article to the use of social media to improve your SEO.

What is Social Media Sites?

Have you ever asked yourself what social media means? Social media refers to internet sites and web-based computer applications intentionally designed for rapid, efficient, and real-time sharing of knowledge.

Since smartphones became popular, most people access social sites through mobile phone applications. Social media has dramatically transformed human behavior and business practices. Social media sites are a dominant force across the world.

What are Social Media Websites in SEO?

Social media sites can help you do many activities that improve your ranking in search engines. Social networking sites are the primary source of organic traffic. Research shows that the amount of your social media activities has a relationship to your ranking in SERPs.

You can reach out and engage with a vast online audience with the top social media sites. No other online platform presents such tremendous opportunities. Are you looking for an SEO technique to boost your traffic? Top social networking sites are the solution. With your best social media websites list, you have a rare chance to promote your brand at no cost.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Both individuals and groups create new social media platforms every year. Some remain popular over several years. Others lose popularity as people invent new social platforms. Social media sites like Facebook are famous around the world. Facebook has over 2.5 million users per month. Lately, Snapchat is gaining a lot of popularity among teenagers. Good marketing involves identifying the most popular social media sites for your targeted audience.

Do you need high authority social media platforms for your SEO campaign? Are you looking for social media submission sites from which you can drive quality traffic to your website? Are you after promoting your business brand to your target audience? If yes to any of these questions, you will find the list of top 40 social media platforms below to be useful.

  1. Facebook


Facebook is the most popular social media platform. It boasts of more than 1 million subscribers. It also has the fastest growth rate among social media websites. The average monthly active users (MAUs) for Facebook are 2.6+ billion.

One of the reasons for its rich popularity is that Facebook provides for a wide range of content formats. You can post texts, pictures, videos, audio, and live video chats. If you are a business person, you can also do product promotions via free and paid adverts.

  1. YouTube

YouTube has about 2.0 billion MAUs. It stands out as the most preferred video-sharing site globally. Google owns YouTube, and apart from being a social networking site, YouTube doubles up as a search engine. It is the second most popular search engine, rallying behind Google search.


To share videos on YouTube, all I need is to open a YouTube channel. I can then upload videos free. You can download these videos free, like them, comment or share.

  1. WhatsApp

This is a popular social networking platform with MAUs of 1.6 billion. It is ideal for business and social interactions. WhatsApp allows texting, exchanging photos, audio files, video clips, and even live chats.


A new addition to WhatsApp is encryption to protect your messages and group calling options. Today, many brands use it to keep in touch with their clients and provide regular updates.

  1. FB Messenger

This app was initially an option on Facebook. Later, in 2011, it delinked from Facebook and now works as a standalone app & is available on Facebook as well.

FB Messenger

With this platform, you can advertise your services, distribute newsletters, and form chat groups. Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users and is among the fastest-growing social sites.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a favorite platform for receiving news and updates on various social issues. There is often an inclination towards real-time updates. Text messages are limited to 280 characters. You might have noticed that about 80% of customers make customer service inquiries and requests via Twitter.


  1. Instagram

Instagram is a preferred social media-sharing site for both pictures and videos. About 1.0 billion users actively engage on Instagram every month. This places it among the top social media platforms.


Instagram does not only give you a site to upload your pictures. It also has tools for editing and filtering them to enhance engagement and attract traffic. You can also submit these pictures to other social sites.

I should also let you know that when you create a profile and submit videos and pictures, Instagram provides you rich analytics for personal evaluation.

  1. QQ

This is an instant messaging social media website. You will find it in more than eighty countries around the world. QQ has MAUs of 861 million, placing it among the most popular social sites. Unlike many similar platforms, this app has an inbuilt translator.

  1. TikTok

This site is a music video file sharing platform most popular in Asia. You can share short videos lasting not more than one minute. It also allows you to edit and add effects to your videos. Its MAUs is 800m.

  1. Tumblr

This is both a social media platform and a blogging site with MAUs is 642 million. You can post a variety of things, from text messages to multimedia files to blogs. You can hardly distinguish between a blog created on regular blogging sites and one built on Tumblr.

  1. QZone

QZone prides to be among the favorite social media websites with MAUs of 632 million. It is a Chinese app and is among the fastest-growing social sites. You can play games, create blogs, and share multimedia files on QZone.

  1. Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo attracts 497m MAUs. Its features are a blend of those offered by Twitter and Facebook. It works as both a social networking site and a blog hosting site. It enjoys massive popularity in China.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is a platform for sharing news from a variety of sources. It gets 430m MAUs, most of whom are from the UK and US. One of the reasons for its popularity is generating almost 100% organic traffic.


  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is an image-messaging site with 382 MAUs. It enables you to use photos to communicate with friends and other subscribers.

  1. WeChat

With monthly active users averaging at 1.151 billion in 2020, WeChat is among the top social media sharing sites globally. Its features are more or less the same as those of WhatsApp. Just like WhatsApp, WeChat provides a platform for texting and making voice and video calls over the internet.

Besides that, WeChat offers the option to shop online. It is more dominant in China and some countries in Asia.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is famous for sharing images and visual bookmarking. It has an average of 322m MAUs. If you like discovering new things or are looking for inspiration, Pinterest is your preferred social platform.

  1. Kuaishou

Kuaishou is the most popular in China. It has 316m monthly active users. Here, subscribers record and share everyday experiences via videos.

  1. Baidu Tieba

This largest China-owned search engine cum social website has 300m MAUs. Once you subscribe to Baidu Tieba, you can start a thread on any topic for interaction with your followers.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social platform. Initially features submission of resumes and job searching. Today, you can share content and promote your brand on LinkedIn. It has 294m MAUs.


  1. Viber

The over 260m MAUs on Viber can engage on this platform via text, multimedia, stickers, and GIFs, among other options. You can also submit paid adverts to market your brand.


  1. Line

Line has 203m MAUs and provides a multipurpose platform for sharing messages. You can also play games and shop on the Line website.


  1. Telegram

There are over 200m MAUs on Telegram. The app features eight different languages, and its focus is to guarantee the privacy and security of messages shared on its platform.

  1. Medium

It is a publishing cum social networking website with 200m MAUs. Both publishing and reading articles on Medium is free.


  1. YY

There are 157m MAUs on the YY platform. Based in China, YY allows users to share information via videos. Users can also earn virtual currency on the platform. They can then exchange this for cash.

  1. VK

VK boasts of 100m MAUs. On VK, you can share messages either in public or in private with friends. You can also play games with friends on the platform.

  1. Skype

Skype has 100m MAUs. It allows individuals to link up via free video calls and text messages. Skype also allows group chats.


  1. Badoo

Badoo is a dating site with 60m MAUs. The app notifies its users of other users within the surrounding. Badoo is in over 200 nations.

  1. FourSquare

This app helps users discover ideal locations for touring and leisure activities. There are over 55m MAUs on FourSquare. You can quickly locate food joints and entertainment venues.


  1. MySpace

Music lovers and artists find a favorite social media sharing site on MySpace. This site has 50.6m MAUs. Subscribers can create their profiles, upload music, and share videos on MySpace.

  1. Devianart

This is the biggest social networking site for artists and lovers of art. Here you can exchange photos of your work with friends. You can also view the works of other artists.


  1. Quora

Quora is a popular question-answer site. You can interact and get answers to questions on a variety of topics.


  1. Meetup

This app connects individuals with groups in their locality. It is popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.


  1. ReverbNation

This French site provides opportunities for blogging and profile submission. Apart from French, it also versions in English and another eight languages.


  1. Kiwibox

It is a popular community networking platform in New York. Commonly features issues are fashion tips, group advice, and chats. Users also display their skills and interests on the forum.


  1. Snapfish

This is a photo-sharing website. Members get limitless storage space for photo upload and sharing.


  1. Care2

Care2 is a popular social site for activists. Promotes advocacy for healthy living, environmental conservation, human and animal rights, among other issues.


  1. Cafemom

Cafemom targets active and prospective mothers. Members benefit from social support and advice from colleagues.

  1. Ravelry

The target group for Ravelry is internet users with interest in fiber arts. It allows individuals to exchange ideas, experiences, and their artworks.

  1. Nextdoor

Popular in America, Nextdoor helps to connect users with other subscribers living within their locality.


  1. Wayn

Wayn is a travel and lifestyle platform. With this app, you do not need to worry about where to go and what to do. You easily link up with people with similar needs and available resources.


  1. Cellufun

Users can socialize, play games, share experiences, and even purchase goods through this gaming app.

Benefits of Using Social Media Sites

Can most businesses today do without social media? I do not think many would survive. Most business operations would fail if all social media platforms were to close. To belong to a business social network is no longer an option for marketers.

The best social media platforms have become popular for different reasons. Here are some benefits of social networking websites.

  • Widens your audience

The number of people who visit free social networking sites every day is immense. The vast social media audience presents an excellent chance to get a massive audience for your website and business. You have an opportunity to display your products and services to such a big market on social media.

  • Connects you to your audience

Social media enables you to identify who is interacting with your content. Moreover, you get to know what features of your content they find interesting. You can tell who among them is following you. You can also communicate directly with them.

Direct contact with your audience helps you understand them more. You can review your content to meet the expectations.

  • Content enhancement

The views, ideas, and observations made by social media followers add to your content. Most popular social media platforms help you create free organic content.

  • Access to paid advertisement

Popular social media sites offer free advertisements. Maybe you want to take your ads a notch higher. You have the advantage of paid advertisements if you are not contented with free social media ads. With paid advertisements, your ads can appear in the feeds of users who look for your products online.

  • Allows self-evaluation

The best social networking sites have a provision for evaluating your online progress. Using suitable metrics, you can tell the number of users that see your posts. Likewise, you can tell the number of comments made about your post. You can also tell the number of likes and dislikes, and the number who share your posts. If you can assess yourself, you can keep adjusting to your audience’s needs.

  • It creates viral content

Unlike other strategies, social media allows the sharing of your content between followers. Your followers can share content with friends who share with their friends. You can get your content trending without your active involvement.

Step by step guide for Social Media Submission

It is not enough to know the benefits of a social media platform list. It is crucial how to optimize your posts for the best SEO results. Here are some steps to guide you.

Step 1: You must set realistic goals that are relevant to your enterprise. An example of such a goal is ‘increasing your referral traffic.’

Step 2: You need to know your target audience. Do some surveys of your audience to know them better. Get some data about their social requirements, and the social networks list they frequently visit. Some social media platforms may be more popular with certain groups of people than others may.

Step 3: You should also know how you will assess your performance. Identify some standards you can use to measure your strategies. Based on these metrics, narrow down to a few strategies that are most effective for you.

Some common criteria include your reach, number of clicks, and engagement on your content. Other metrics are hashtag performance, the number of likes, and user reactions to your content.

Step 4: Get to know what your rivals are doing and how they are doing it.

Step 5: Make quality, relevant, and engaging content. Content forms the basis of social marketing. Your content must compare to your goal and brand. Make sure that your content is interactive.

Step 6: Establish and work within specific timelines. Respond to issues raised by customers timely. Know when it is best to make your posts to get the maximum views.

Step 7: Keep improving. Find out what works for you and maintain it. Review those strategies that seem not to work for you.

Step 8: Maintain open communication channels with your colleagues. If you are working in a team, let others know the challenges you meet and the successes you make. Let the company social media goal be evident to all teammates.

Things to know before doing Social Media Submission

I do not find this article complete if I do not mention some of the things you must observe before you click that submit button on your best social media websites. Try to follow the following guidelines when submitting your articles to social media.

  1. Your content should be timely and original. Content quality matters a lot on top social media platforms.
  2. Make it easy for your followers to share content. Make it resourceful and entertaining. Before you post, ask yourself, is it worth sharing? Give your audience a reason to share your content.
  3. Your profile on social media should reflect your website if social media submission has to aid your SEO
  4. Make sure that you optimize your pictures for social media and SEO.
  5. Initiate and participate constructively in social media discussions.
  6. Have a plan for assessing your performance on social media. You can use social media analytics for this.

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